Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison: Best Adult Dating and Sex Affair Site

You can compare Ashley Madison vs Adult Friend Finder to see which app is more effective in landing the hookup of dreams.

These two websites cater to casual sex. They are the two most well-known websites that were created for this purpose and have both attracted large user base over the years. But which is more efficient?

Free Adult Dating Sites and Sex Hookup Apps

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Sex Dating Site)
  3. Out Personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Married Hookup and Affair Dating )
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  8. Horny Wife (Meet Women)
  9. Swap Finder
  10. EZ Dating

Like we did with our selection of the top hookup websites and apps, we tested these two to determine if they are trustworthy. Read on to learn which hookup site is best for you.

Ashley Madison vs. Adult Friend Finder: How We Compare Them

BeyondAges is proud to offer the most complete online dating reviews.

Our reviews were based on extensive testing. At least 50 women were contacted by our online dating experts. They tried to get them to exchange contact details in hopes of meeting up for a date.

Our experts ensure that all factors are kept the same throughout these tests. This includes their photos, bios, and opening lines.

These websites are easy to use and allow you to meet hot women. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

What heavyweight hookup site is your favorite? These websites are all here for you.

Our In-Depth Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison Review

Ashley Madison and Adult Friends Finder are well-known hookup websites, but they have different purposes.

Ashley Madison is a discreet service that allows married men and women to have an affair.

Adult friend Finder provides a broad range of hookup websites. There’s something for everyone, swinger couples or singles looking to hook up quickly and easily.

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Let’s find out which website is the most effective in finding someone hot and sexy. Let’s take a look at how they compare.

Qualitative women89
Privacy & Safety410



Our Recommendation

Ashley Madison: Who should she be used?

Ashley Madison’s distinctive selling point is that it was designed for married women to have affairs. It is the most widely used website to accomplish this goal.

The majority of its users are married people or those in long-term relationships who are looking for some side hustle. Ashley Madison is a wonderful website to check out if this describes you.

Ashley Madison is highly recommended if you are a single person who wants to connect with married people, or someone looking for discreet online dating. However, there doesn’t seem like many people looking for serious relationships on this app.

Ashley Madison provides a lot of features to provide this feeling of privacy for cheating spouses.

First, you won’t be asked for personal information to create an account. You can blur your photos in whatever way you want, then undo them for the people you are beginning to click with.

You can also change the logo and receive push notifications through the app so that your partner isn’t able to spy on your phone.

Ashley Madison used only to be accessible via a browser. It’s now solely focused on its mobile app.

It has over 50 million users around the globe, but is especially popular in The United States, Brazil and Canada.

Who should use Adult Friend Locator?

Adult Friend Finder has a free trial that is great for thrill-seekers.

Couples are looking for swinging partners. Cuck husbands will be looking for someone to go out with them. Single women will be looking for a quick, easy hookup. All things in between.

A sweet and innocent woman who is looking for a long-term partnership is what you won’t probably find.

Adult Friend Finder can help you find any kind of casual sexual relationship that you are looking for.

It has a wider global audience than Ashley Madison. We found it easy to find beautiful women to respond to our messages and meet up.

If this sounds great to you, you can create an account and take a free trial to see it in action.

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Ashley Madison vs. Adult Friend Finder: Which one is best for serious relationships?

It’s not worth your time to search for serious monogamous relationships through either one of these sites. If this is what you want, it’s better to open an account on eHarmony.

Every aspect of eHarmony aims at helping users find a long-lasting, serious relationship.

This website is trusted by millions of people around the world, has been awarded awards for best-quality dating sites and is ranked among the top dating websites. According to eHarmony data, someone meets love on the website every 14 minutes.

You can create an eHarmony Account right now if you’re searching for your happily everafter with one person.

If you’re looking for more options to find long-term partners, we have a list that includes the best dating apps.

Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Locator are you looking for casual entertainment?

After sending messages to at most 50 women on each of the apps, we discovered that Adult Friend Locator is much more effective at arranging casual hook-ups.

Adult Friend Finder was easier to find beautiful women. Adult Friend Finder gave us more responses. The conversation flowed faster on Adult Friends Finder, and we also got more contact details.

Adult Friend Finder seems to have a greater active and open-minded community.

You should find it easy to find someone who shares your fantasies and kinks.

Ashley Madison is full of great candidates for casual fun. But it proved more difficult to convince women to meet up on this platform. This is probably not surprising considering that many of them are having difficulty getting away from their partners.

Check out our selection of the top hookup apps and websites for more ideas.

Ashley Madison vs. Adult Friend Finder: Which is the most popular?

According to our research Ashley Madison gets around 1,000,000 hits per month.

Adult Friend Finder gets around 1.5 million hits per month. That’s 50% more.

If you want to find a reliable source of hookup opportunities, a large user base will be key. Adult Friend Finder is a great example.

Is it difficult to find a match?

Instead of using the popular “matching” system that is used by apps like Tinder, Bumble, these websites let you do filtered searches for people in your area.

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Both websites offer many filters which make it easy for you to find someone looking for the same thing.

Adult Friend Finder would be our choice. This site has a more sophisticated search filter system. Users are also more likely to respond to our requests.

Which app offers the best quality for women?

This all depends on what you are looking for.

Ashley Madison is mainly populated by women in relationships and marriages who cheat on their partners. It might not fit many men’s definitions of “quality”. This website has many beautiful and young women.

Adult FriendFinder is more popular than ever. We met younger and older women on the site who were looking for friendship. Many of them wanted to meet up immediately.

How much does Adult Friend Finder vs Ashley Madison cost?

Both these websites offer free accounts. If you need to send messages or photos to other users, however, you will have to pay.

After upgrading to Adult Friend Finder’s paid account, you can send unlimited messages to other users. There are several payment plans that you can choose from, and they will renew automatically until your subscription is cancelled.

  • One-month subscription: $39.95
  • Three-month subscription: $80.85 ($26.95 per month)
  • 12-month subscription: $239.40 ($19.95 per month)

Ashley Madison has a unique system. You will receive one credit per message sent to another user.

Here are some options for purchasing credit:

  • 100 Credits: $49.00
  • 500 Credits: $149.00
  • 1,000 Credits: $249.00

(Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison may have different prices depending upon where you live.

Which app is more cost-effective?

The pricing structure of each website may have different prices. This could impact the answer.

Adult FriendFinder is a better option if you plan to be a light user, earning 100 Ashley Madison credits each year.

Our experience shows that pay-per-message can be frustrating for men. Especially when they come across women who would like to chat for a while, before meeting.

Ashley Madison is accused of creating fake profiles that encourage users to chat and to spend more credits. We couldn’t find enough evidence, however.

Adult Friend Locator allows you to create a subscription and send a message to your heart’s desire. Plus, it’s easier for us to hook up on this site.

Spend your money here if there are many potential hook-ups.

Which is better? Adult Friend Finder Vs Ashley Madison

Both these websites satisfy a particular need. But, Adult FriendFinder is the clear winner.

It is more accessible to men than other dating sites, and has a larger number of users looking for a quick hookup. The pricing structure of Adult Friend Finder is much more suitable for active users. Adult Friend Finder is a great product and we recommend that you click here to get it.

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