Free Dating Apps and Sites to Find Sex in United Arab Emirates

Dubai, a bustling metropolis, is unique for many reasons. One of these reasons is its unique customs and expectations in the dating world. Dubai is one of the most diverse and rich cultures in the world, with an ever-growing economy. However, the culture of dating has many unique elements that make it stand out from other countries, such as the United States, Europe, or the United Kingdom.

Free Adult Dating Sites and Sex Hookup Apps

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Sex Dating Site)
  3. Out Personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Married Hookup and Affair Dating )
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  8. Horny Wife (Meet Women)
  9. Swap Finder
  10. EZ Dating

Dubai is the Middle East’s Business Hub. This means that Dubai has a large number of people visiting and leaving the country. It also opens up the possibility for you to meet new people. You will fall in love with Dubai from the beaches to the deserts and the genuine hospitality. Dubai is a great choice for those looking to find love.

Below are our top picks for the best Dubai dating apps and sites.

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The Top Dubai Dating Sites

Because it is easier to maintain a low profile, internet dating is hugely popular in Dubai. You can also do a lot more with online dating. You can find singles in your local area by visiting a variety of websites. Most of these sites are blocked in UAE. A VPN is required to access the best dating apps in UAE. Use ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

You have many options to search for singles in your local area. These are some of our favorite sites!

Muslima Review

Muslima is the #1 dating site in Dubai for singles. Muslima has over 4.5 million Muslims members and is highly recommended. Over 4.5 million users worldwide use the site. It is easy to use the dating site: create a profile, browse photos and begin communication.

It is possible to see which users are located in Dubai and abroad. Although the site is free to access, you will need to pay for additional features. This is well worth it. Visit our Muslima website today!

Get Muslima Free!

AdultFriendFinder Review

AdultFriendFinder, also known as AFF, is one of the most popular online hookup sites. AFF is a great way to meet singles in your area who are looking for a hookup. AFF is an online dating site that caters to a variety of niches. It has been in existence for over 20 years.

Find singles in Dubai on AFF today!

Review of eHarmony Dubai

eHarmony is a dating site that’s been around since 1899. It is available in Dubai. eHarmony has many success stories and is ideal for people looking to build long-lasting relationships. Review

Match is the most widely used dating site in the world, catering to many countries and many languages. Match offers services in the United Arab Emirates including Dubai. There are thousands of users from this area.

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  • The largest dating site in the world
  • This is the most multicultural of all dating sites
  • Mobile-friendly and simple to use


  • Dubai is not the only city with the largest number of users

Love Habibi Review

Love Habibi is a place where you can find Arabs, Muslims and Arab Christians. This site was designed for people who felt it was difficult to find the one for them. They created a unique and non-judgmental place for anyone who wants to meet new people in Dubai, regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

The site’s owners are only concerned about the happiness and success of people in the dating industry. According to the site, it is managed by “a few regular folks who manage it as an authentic labor of love and do what they can to keep it tidy.” Love Habibi is worth a look if you’re looking for a different kind of dating experience and are open to accepting all cultural and religious customs.


  • Dubai’s largest dating site
  • Friendships are more than just for love
  • Culturally and religiously, there are many ways to be different
  • Large corporations do not own it


  • Predominantly male

Dubai Dating Review

Dubai Dating is direct to the point. Their homepage contains a section where it’s easy to sign up and start chatting with singles in Dubai right away! Simply fill in each field and click “join now” to begin your dating journey.

Dubai Dating is unique because it has a section called “Confessions”, where anonymously you can write whatever you wish on the confession “wall”. The confession wall is a place where you can anonymously share your frustrations with the dating world or ask a question that you don’t want everyone to know.


  • It’s easy to sign up and navigate
  • Absolutely free
  • Culturally diverse


  • Doesn’t require a profile picture
  • It doesn’t have a large user base

UAE Friends Date Review

This is not a site for friends, even though it is called that in the title. While Dubai has strict dating rules, online dating is much more convenient. You can also chat with your matches while on the move, and communicate from your home.


  • Individuals looking for friendships and/or relationships
  • Absolutely free
  • Mobile friendly


  • More strict dating laws are a hindrance
  • Many users want friendships and not relationships.

LoveAwake Review

LoveAwake is only available to people who want to start or continue their relationship in Dubai. You can instantly start chatting with all the singles closest to you. This site is used by thousands of singles from all walks of life to find love and friendship.


  • Another site completely free
  • Sign up quickly and easily
  • Although primarily Arabs, users are culturally diverse.


  • Most users are male

Here are our top picks, summarized:

The Best Dubai Dating Apps

Online dating has become so popular in Dubai over recent years that it is only natural that dating apps are also climbing the social ladder. Dubai is a technologically advanced city, so it’s no surprise that apps and internet dating are popular with the younger generation (under 40).

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Two apps stand out are Tinder (and Bumble). These two apps are now the most popular dating apps worldwide. These are the reasons why Dubai residents love them:

Tinder Review

You’ve probably heard about this app from your friends, regardless of whether you have actually used it. Tinder is for people who are looking for friendship, a relationship, or something more casual. Despite the stringent Dubai dating rules, many people have been able to hook up via Tinder. Download Tinder and meet new people. Then, go to one of the many clubs and social spots Dubai has to offer.


  • A large user base, particularly in Dubai
  • Popular with the younger generation (40 years and under).
  • Active people are the best option for dating!


  • It is more difficult to hook up and casually date with someone if you follow strict rules

Review of Bumble

The “swipe left/right” concept of Tinder was adopted by this new dating app. However, it has a unique feature! Bumble allows two people to meet up, but the man must wait for the woman’s message to send first. This is called a “ladies first” feature. After she has sent the message, the man can respond within 24 hours. The same applies to the woman: if she does not send her first message within 24 hours, then the match will also be terminated. There are no further deadlines once you have sent the first message.


  • It’s super modern and simple to use
  • Similar to Tinder, but different in its own right
  • Dubai is a popular city


  • Some people may not like the 24-hour deadline. Not everyone has time to check notifications constantly, so matches can happen and the recipient might not know.

Apart from the obvious guidelines for dating in Dubai’s beautiful, economically booming capital, there are many fun and interesting people you can meet through these online dating sites.

It doesn’t mean you have to be averse to all the rules and customs of Dubai dating. You can have a successful and pleasant relationship with someone who could end up being your soulmate. Although Dubai dating is a unique and sometimes even bizarre experience, it doesn’t mean that it should be any different from any other type of relationship.

It is important to respect and abide by certain religious customs in Dubai that have been in place for decades. This should be easy to understand since it would not be fair to expect anyone to ignore any traditions within their beliefs.

What you need to know about Dubai dating


Dubai has a population of more than 2.5 million people. It is also known for its diverse culture. With over 10 languages spoken in Dubai and many ethnicities, it’s easy to meet new people in this huge metropolis.


  • 71% of Dubai’s entire population is Asian. 51% are from India.
  • Pakistani: 17%
  • Egyptian: 10%
  • Bangladesh: 9%
  • Filipino: 3%


Dubai’s official religion is Islam. However, the city and its residents are open to all religions. Dubai is home to Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhs, Buddhism, Christianity and other minor religions.

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Dubai’s population is 75% male and 25% female. It’s normal for men to outnumber women in a patriarchal society. However, the ratio is quite surprising. For every 3 males there is 1 woman!

Languages used

There are many languages spoken in Dubai because of the diverse culture. Although Arabic is the most common language spoken in Dubai, there are many people who speak English. The minority languages spoken include Urdu, Bengali and Tamil, Tagalog and Chinese.

What do they look for?

When you are looking for love in Dubai, one of the most important things to remember is the strict rules regarding romance. PDA (public displays or affections) that are even slightly excessive is not only forbidden, but also illegal. For a public makeout session, or any other type of similar activity, you can be thrown in jail.

It is also culturally unacceptable to try to move in or stay in the same hotel as someone you are dating in Dubai.

Respecting their culture is the best thing you can do. Also, understand that Islam is very strict about these matters. Although you may meet a rule-breaker who is a rebel, chances are that you will be conforming to many, if not all of these cultural norms.

Dating rules

Most women in Dubai feel that it is almost a requirement to take them on an extravagant and often expensive first date when you’re trying to court them. You may not have the same expectations as every person you are interested in, so it is important to get to know them and spend some time getting to know them before you ask for a first date.

One woman might be someone who loves a walk on the beach with a friend, while another woman may want you to spend all your money on her. It all depends on what you want!

You should also remember that alcohol is not allowed in most religions or cultures in Dubai. It is possible to still have a great time in Dubai, but you must remember this!

Also, you don’t want to use profanity or have a public argument with your lover. These are just two more things you should keep in mind as you begin dating.

Be aware of Dubai dating scams. There are many scammers looking to con you out of your money, as there are many wealthy people who live in Dubai.

Dubai Dating: The Best Thing

Do not let these rules discourage you from having the best possible dating experience.

When you meet people in Dubai, you’ll learn about many cultures and religions. You will also get to meet some of your most amazing friends. You may also find someone who is a thrill-seeker and wants to keep things secret, but still go against the rules. Although it is illegal to share a bedroom with a partner prior to marriage, the truth is that many people in Dubai do it and it is legal. The best part about a relationship is the thrill.

Finally, take a look at our top Dubai dating sites.