Best Sites Like Backpage : Replacements for Sex Dating & Posting Classified Ads in 2023

Backpage was the US’s second largest online classifieds site. However, the majority of the business was driven by one section. Backpage was ultimately destroyed by the adult classifieds section.

Free Adult Dating Sites and Sex Hookup Apps

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Sex Dating Site)
  3. Out Personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Married Hookup and Affair Dating )
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  8. Horny Wife (Meet Women)
  9. Swap Finder
  10. EZ Dating

Backpage was launched by New Times Media in 2004 as an online classifieds website. Backpage was structurally distinct from Craigslist but shared many similarities to Craigslist.

Similar adult classifieds were available on the original services, which allowed consenting adults to search for whatever they wanted. Backpage was a bit more liberal than its conservative counterpart. Backpage allowed prostitution ads and set up services that would protect sex workers from dangerous situations.

This was not a happy moment for authorities, as prostitution is illegal in the United States. There were concerns that the service could have been used to traffick human beings and that minors might have been exploited. Critics were not happy with the claim that the company did all it could to stop accounts thought to be human traffickers, minors and adults.

Backpage was the target of multiple lawsuits in 2011. Backpage was at that time the largest US online marketplace for prostitution. Backpage claimed that it could not be held accountable for third-party speech, despite being illegal. Backpage was eventually accepted by the judges.

Backpage was in serious legal trouble for years. However, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations (PSI) published a report in January 2017 alleging that Backpage had supported child trafficking. Backpage almost immediately removed its adult section. Backpage’s legal problems escalated and it has never been back.

The U.S. Department of Justice seized control of the website on April 6, 2018. Six days later, Carl Ferrer (CEO of Backpage) pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, including money laundering and conspiracy to aid prostitutes.

What can former users do about the Backpage Shutdown?

Backpage’s standard ads were taken down by the legal process. A large user base used Backpage to search for partners willing to consent to sex. Although many users found the site useful and necessary, they were denied access. Prostitutes and their johns were also denied access.

Many Backpage users would have turned to Craigslist for replacement. Craigslist’s personals page was closed by the company in March 2012 due to Congress passing FOSTA/SESTA.

The act allowed companies to be held criminally and civilly liable for the illegal use of their services. This act was created to assist authorities in combating illegal sex trading. Craigslist realized the potential for almost unlimited liability, and so preemptively closed their personals/romance lists.

What can ex-Backpage users do now? Many other services can replace Craigslist and Backpage. Each one will be discussed and compared to the other.

Top Backpage Alternatives in 2022

1. Kasual

Kasual is an anonymous dating site. Kasual does not require its users to give any personal information. Kasual will not be able to see your identity. Some people realized that Ashley Madison’s data breach a few years ago made it clear that nobody can really know who you are.

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Kasual offers more than complete secrecy. Kasual also offers gamification to facilitate anonymous hookups. Each session includes four cards. Half of the cards will be local matches. Flipping cards and trying to find matches is a lot of fun. This is an unforgettable experience like no other.

Kasual is an excellent option for anyone looking for anonymous hookups and sex. Kasual will not replace the Backpage for more illegal purposes.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a great alternative for Craigslist. Sign up free to browse the profiles in your local area. It’s well-designed and has a large userbase. It means that you will find others who share your interests, no matter what they are.

Like Craigslist, the service is geographically-based, so you can find sex partners whether you’re at home or on the road. Chat with your match, exchange photos, videos and if you’re feeling brave, you can even go naked on a live webcam. You will “get to know your partner” before you meet.

A profile can be created in just five minutes. It can be as detailed or as anonymous as you like. Include photos, or don’t. You can also talk about yourself. You have complete control.

A free account is great for getting you started. However, a paid account allows you to take full advantage of everything Adult FriendFinder has. Paid members can reply to private messages and add nude photographs. They can also use more search parameters, voice messaging, and join many chat rooms.

Adult FriendFinder premium means that you only will find genuine sex with high-quality people. Real sex with real people

3. Bedpage

Bedpage is very similar in concept to Backpage. Bedpage is similar to Backpage’s shuttered counterpart. You can post standard classified ads or legal hookups.

The listings can be separated by state and city, but the usage isn’t nearly as high as Backpage. Although densely populated areas might have many listings, smaller cities may not be able to find them all. If users persist, the service can be very useful.

Users are also able to immediately notice Bedpage’s unabashed promotion for its “escorts”. Bedpage claims it is the best place to find escorts in any city. You will find plenty of advertisements for sexual services. Some ads use veiled language, while others include prices.

Bedpage is able to deliver the same experience as Backpage users, even though you might need to work harder.

4. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison? Ashley Madison? The service was subject to a huge data breach in 2015. This exposed personal information for thousands of users who used the service to search for extramarital affairs. It was a catastrophe. It is now over. The service has now restructured data collection and improved security to avoid another incident. It is now safe. The 32 million users of the service as of August 2019 indicate that many people are comfortable with the risks.

Privacy and anonymity are very important to the service. You don’t need to link your account with any social media accounts. You only need a private email address. The service functions in the same way as Craigslist personals.

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Photos can be made as transparent as you like or as private as your heart desires. Upload your photos and use the built-in blurring/masking tools to hide your identity. This service won’t allow you to reveal more information than you need during your experience.

This site is proud that it can be used by everyone of all ages and walks. Ashley Madison is for both singles and marrieds.

5. Seeking Arrangements

SeekingArrangement (or, is a website that matches wealthy, intelligent, well-traveled men with sophisticated women who are open for relationships on their terms.

You might think they match rich men with gold miners. The service quickly disproves this idea. They claim that gold diggers do not belong here. women don’t want to make a lot of money. They seek fun, meaningful relationships with well-healed, worldly men who will offer a fulfilling, adventurous life.

It’s not just about men who think they can dominate women. These men are wealthy and seeking relationships with beautiful women who will enjoy their wealth and share it with them.

Relationships with can be mutually rewarding, relaxing, enjoyable, and even fun. Both parties are in control and get what they want.

This service is not available to men with low incomes. If you’re a woman interested in riding wealthy men to get a significant divorce settlement, they would prefer you stay at home.

6. ClassifiedAds

This service is much like Bedpage but has a greater user base. This is normal. This is the same for all classifieds services, such as Backpage and Craigslist.

If you’re looking for random hookups, you’re in luck. Many new ads are posted every day, and they seem sincere. While scammers may be involved, it’s possible that legitimate ads are outnumbering them. It will also show you when an advertisement has expired. This feature is very useful and helps you to not miss out on an opportunity.

You won’t find any overt offers for paid sexual sex. They are almost always there, but they are often disguised just like Craigslist. ClassifiedAds seems to be trying to pursue legitimate business and avoid the controversial ads that brought down Backpage.

Adult Search is a new approach to ClassifiedAds. Adult Search is more concerned with escorts, strip clubs and legal individuals than it is the legal personnel.

Also, you can find paid ads for escorts and escort service reviews. You can also find free ads in the forum section.

Adult Search is not classifieds website and isn’t structured that way. The content is however broken down by states and regions. It’s more of a portal to sexual services with an additional forum.

This is not the place for anyone looking to hookup anonymously or meet consenting strangers. This site is ideal for those who are looking for an escort and probably prostitutes.

8. Oodle

Oodle Marketplace uses standard format for classifieds with all categories separated by state and city. The ad includes photos and descriptions. Click through to learn more.

Oodles doesn’t host its members. It serves as a piggyback to Meetup4Fun. Clicking on an ad will bring you to It is simple and provides multiple ways to reach people. Oodles doesn’t offer any extra value. You can skip to Meetup4Fun. is very similar to Backpage, but does not offer any personals content.

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9. Gumtree

People often forget that Backpage started as a classified website.

Gumtree is a UK site that allows you to post quality classified ads. That’s it. There are no personal ads and certainly not escort service ads. Gumtree is a great alternative to Backpage’s classifieds.

It is well-designed, and contains all necessary categories such as real estate ads and job listings. It’s simple, clear and includes photos. You have plenty of room to add details. offers all inclusive escorts. This is not a classifieds website. It only has one product but it does a great work. It is well-designed and hosts many escort ads. These ads are lively and full of revealing imagery. You will also find contact information and full price lists.

Many ads include a lot more information about each escort, including stats and availability. They also provide a brief bio with details about the clients they cater to. is a functional alternative to Backpage’s illegal offerings. You won’t find a date or a car for sale on the same website.

11. Geebo

Geebo is a similar site to Gumtree that allows US residents to post classified ads. Geebo can be a great alternative for Craigslist if your US citizen is not able to use Backpage’s classifieds services.

Due to the high volume of postings, search engines won’t return any old ads. You will also find all the most common categories on the site. However, you won’t find any personals.

The ads are poorly designed. Geebo’s ads are not designed to be easy to read. Instead, they have long and dense blocks of text. If the poster isn’t careful with how they write their content, it can be difficult to find relevant information. If this is a problem, Craigslist may be the best choice.

12. UKClassifieds

UKClassifieds is a classifieds site that targets the UK market, as its name suggests. Its design will be familiar to Backpage and Craigslist users. You will find all the standard classifieds, along with a strong section for personals.

UK users can search for hookups, relationships, video sex, and phone sex within a small geographic area. It’s easy to use, and users can reach out directly to other posters.

Users who are interested in hookups or dating can use the escorts section of the site. They can also be found easily by users looking for escorts.

The site is user-friendly and well-designed. This makes it easy for everyone to find what they need quickly.

13. No cost Ads

Free Ads Time is not like Gumtree or Geebo. You won’t find any personals there. You will need to search elsewhere if you’re looking for a relationship or anonymous sex.

Free Ads Time provides a standard service to help you create classifieds. They offer more categories than other websites. This is a good thing. This site has a lower posting volume than other sites. Even in the most popular categories like “Homes for Sale”, there are only a few ads. This makes the site less useful.

Local business listings are a unique feature of these screens. On one screen, you can search for any type of local business. No matter how many times you search, it’s almost impossible to find just one listing. Many categories are empty. It took us some time to find one. If they succeed, these categories might be filled with Free Ads Time.