Instabang Review : HookUp Personals for Casual Dating

Instabang was started in 2015, and it has been a well-respected service for quick hookups as well as individual and group sexual dates.

Instabang Alternative App #1

Ashley Madison’s app is a refreshing take on dating. This platform isn’t a normal dating app, but it focuses its efforts on married people. Ashley Madison is the perfect place for you to have an affair. Download the app for free and create an Account. The app is equally easy to use on a desktop or mobile device. You can also view full profiles of users, making it easy to see your first impressions if you are both on the same page.

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Instagram vs Instabang

Instagram is known to delete potentially offensive images and keep its feed clean. Instabang goes for an exact opposite strategy. This feed is filled full of photos and descriptions — the community understands its interests well. We were able to determine what instabang means and whether it is legal.

To determine if Instabang is real or a scam, we tried the service. We also evaluated key elements of the user experience such as affordability, accessibility, privacy, security, privacy and hookup possibilities. Each variable was rated on a scale of 1-5 points.


Three membership options are available: a free version; a silver membership costs $24.95 per months and a gold subscription costs $34.99 per year.

While the free version may not be completely useless, it is very close to being useful. You can create an account, browse the feeds, and use basic features of instabang. You will need to upgrade to silver membership to be able to communicate with others. It is a basic upgrade to unlock the full-service experience.A free version of the service

The gold subscription includes the real upgraded member search. Premium profiles are constantly promoted in the feed. You will also receive suggestions and recommendations from our platform members.

Instabang is one among the most expensive dating websites, but is instabang a scam? The silver membership offers simple access and isn’t too interesting. While the gold subscription may be the most expensive, it is still very affordable.

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Audience quality

It is important that a dating site has a legitimate community. Although interface and functionality are often pleasing, it’s important to note that the dating pool may not be legitimate and might at times seem like a scam.

It is easy to check if a user pool is legitimate and if instabang works. Here’s how we evaluated Instabang.

We conducted an image test to verify that Google search images could locate the photos of members. Instabang did not have the photos, so they could only be accessed there.It’s better that it looks

No fake messages were sent to our accounts after we registered. Instabang reviews confirm the results. It is safe to say that other users experienced the same authentic experience.

Instabang makes email verification mandatory and secure. To verify the legitimacy of a registered account, Instabang sends an email to the address provided.

The platform seems to care about building a community. Instabang doesn’t increase its numbers though — the stats can’t be found. This is despite the fact that there are many real people in the user base.


The website looks more like it was built in 2005 than 2019. The feed looks like an album of low quality, dirty photos. There are no inspiring photos or faces, just nudes.

The main menu has “Search” — where you can pick your sexual preferences.The best view.

Comparing it to other hookup sites, the service’s interface doesn’t seem that bad. Instabang shares common problems with casual encounter problems, such as a lack of design and structure, and a lack of moderation.

Privacy and security

Most people ask “Is Instabang legit?”. Instabang is the only secure platform for casual dating in the niche.

It does not give out contact data or location information. These information are available to you at your discretion.It can be difficult to determine the reliability of a date

While the profile cancellation process can be tedious, there is at least a system. Customer support will remove your account and provide a screenshot for proof. Chat and attachments are protected with end-to–end encryption similar to sexting snapchat.

This service is highly secure thanks to its fast moderation system and dedicated support team. Good job!

Opportunities to hook up

While joining the website does not cost anything, it is the only free service. With the upgrade to “Gold”, your chances of getting a quick connection increase dramatically. These additional features are yours:

  • A profile is designated as featured and promoted by the “Feed”.
  • There are no restrictions on messaging — you can reach as many people as possible.
  • View manager lets you see who visited your profile, and when.
  • You get premium video, images, profiles, and more with this package
  • Live Cams allow you to select models of any body type with flexible search filters.
  • Our support team will respond immediately to your inquiries and prioritize them.

Instabang pays you for every uploaded photo

It’s possible to get back some of the subscription money. Each uploaded photo or video is paid according to how many people view it.

Instabang Review: Is it legit or a scam?

The free version can be used to explore the functionality and user pools, but is not suitable for scheduling actual dates. The “Silver upgrade” is necessary and doesn’t give you any exclusive perks.