Luxy App Review – Does The Exclusive Sex Dating App Really Work?

Luxy reviews are a good indicator that other dating apps may not be meeting your expectations in terms of matches. Tinder and Bumble are popular apps that have millions of users. This is great for those who value quantity more than quality.

Quality is the most important thing for singles who are more selective.

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Luxy is the “#1 Millionaire’s Matchmaking and Dating Club”, an exclusive app that invites only the most prestigious people to sign up.

The website claims it is a virtual dating treasure trove that only the beautiful and rich can access. Luxy is worth considering if your scene features more Grey Goose in VIP and Jaegar-bombers on the dive bar.

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Luxy Dating App Review: Pros & Cons

  • Luxy was designed as a dating app for wealthy professionals.
  • Luxy Basic is available for download and use at no cost.
  • Luxy BLACK and PLATINUM upgrades unlock premium features that allow you to skip the selection phase.
  • Luxy’s FaceMe function allows you share your Instagram or WhatsApp in the message exchange and then jump into video chat if your match accepts.
  • Luxy allows users to verify their profiles by taking a selfie. They can also verify income by uploading a picture of their driver’s license or most recent tax return.
  • Luxy has a much smaller dating pool than mainstream apps due to its exclusive nature.
  • Black or PLATINUM users cannot send messages to their free users.
  • Users are more likely be found in metropolitan areas. Luxy is unlikely to match you if your location is not New York, Los Angeles or New York.

Luxy works? Luxy is a great place to find singles who have similar lifestyles and a six-figure income. Be prepared to jump through hoops to gain access. Due to the small user pool, it may be worth using it together with The League.

Luxy Essentials

Luxy accounts are completely free. It’s easy to use: swipe right if your like her, swipe left if it doesn’t and then match if both of you agree. This is nothing new.

Luxy does not allow you to swipe through endless profiles like Tinder. The number of rounds available to “Basic” members is limited to three per day.

You can also view profiles in the “Browse” area. Although you can “like” a profile, no free members can initiate a message swap. If you don’t upgrade, you can only reply to messages sent by premium members.

Luxy also offers a “Find The One”, feature that guarantees one match every day using an algorithm. The Find The One notification will appear at 8 p.m. You can then check it out. The score for each daily matches will indicate how likely they are to start a conversation.

The AI in the app uses compatible interests and factors to select your daily match. This is similar to Tinder’s Top Picks feature.

But here’s the twist…

Like The League, it is not for everyone. You must survive the “Vouching”, a 24-hour process where Luxy staff checks out your profile, photos, credentials, and more.

You can be guaranteed acceptance in two ways. There are two routes to guaranteed acceptance if your annual income exceeds $200,000

To verify, visit the profile page. Scroll to the income section and click “verify.” A photo of your driver’s licence or passport will be required next to your most recent taxes return.

Or, you can buy your own way through those velvet ropes.


Luxy BLACK offers a one-month subscription starting at $99 ($58.99/6 month; $37.99/1year). Luxy BLACK allows you to skip the tedious vouching process, and just get to the good stuff.

Luxy Black Benefits:

  1. Do not review.
  2. You can instantly find out who likes your profile and match them with you.
  3. Before you meet singles, send them messages.
  4. Look at the profiles of others who have visited your website.
  5. You have the ability to control who can see your profile. This allows you to limit visibility to only those people that you “like”.
  6. Display the Luxy BLACK badge in your profile
  7. Free members can see 2x more profiles.
  8. Filter your matches based on location
  9. You can check out anonymous profiles.
  10. Change your profile name

Luxy’s PLATINUM membership, which is exclusive to only a few in each city, is available to very few.

It also comes at a platinum-worthy $333.99/month for three months.

Luxy Platinum perks include:

  1. Displaying the PLATINUM logo on your profile
  2. Get a free monthly profile boost
  3. Your profile is recommended to the Match & Search sections.
  4. All Luxy BLACK Benefits

Setting Up A Luxy Profile

Luxy accounts are easy to set up. Once you have downloaded the app you can log in with Facebook or your email.

Upload your primary photo first, then take an AI-assisted selfie to verify it.

The rest of the Luxy profile looks pretty standard. You can upload 6 photos and include an “About Me” paragraph. Luxy allows you show basic information like your name, gender and height. You can also post languages that you speak, your religion and orientation, smoking habits, drinking habits, education, occupation, and the type of relationship that you are looking for.

Luxy founder Tim T warns you that incomplete or half-hearted profiles will not be accepted. Instead, they’re deleted.

In this case, you will be able to reapply and apply for income verification in order to increase your chances of being accepted. The app says that 10% of applicants fail to make it through the application process out of the 30,000 submitted each day.

Luxy Photos

The app says that filling 6 of the 6 slots with photos increases your chances to be accepted by 10%. However, elite dating is all about quality. Be sure to show off your interests and hobbies in your photos.

Luxy has strict guidelines regarding primary photos. For approval, ensure that your primary photo shows a clear, unobstructed view showing your “full” face. Profile shots won’t get the grade. It should show you only and be clear.

This advice will ensure that your profile photo is a great first impression.

Luxy About me/About my Match

Each of the text-based profile sections has a limit to 300 characters. That’s not a lot of room. Consider all the characteristics you have that could attract the type of person you wish to meet for your About Me bio. That list should be your starting point when deciding what to include.

Don’t use the default setting of “About My Match” to list your physical attributes. Luxy’s appearance-based app is not for everyone. Writing that your match should be tall, blonde, and beautiful is more likely than writing it.

Luxy Tags

Luxy lets users add tags to their profile. This allows them to share other interests and hobbies. Categories include Movies, Music, Sports, Food, and Character traits.

Tags can be used to quickly communicate additional details with matches and aid the match’s algorithm in determining compatibility.

Your profile is the first step in the selection process. You should include as much information as possible.

Matching With Luxy

If accepted, you’ll be able find matches in Match and Browse. Also, you can check out what members are doing in your area, and connect with others worldwide through Events.

After creating your account, there are three rounds of 10 swipes per round. If you have Luxy Black, you can swipe unlimited times. PLATINUM.

You can filter your match feed by gender, age and distance as a free user. You can upgrade to add filters for income and location as well as verified members.

It is worth verifying your profile as you will get more users to see it. Verified users get 10 coins (the in app currency) as well as 1 message. Income verified users receive 1 message free every day, even though they aren’t a BLACK or PLATINUM subscription.

Luxy (and Any Other Dating App): Meet the Most Popular People

Luxy is full intelligent and attractive singles. You don’t have to be a matchmaker to meet them and convince them to date you.

Luxy is a great way to increase your chances of finding someone special. A dating expert can help you. We will help you make your profile shine and attract singles who are interested in meeting you. Simply show up for the dates and bring your charm!

You can find out how it all works right here!