New Zealands premier dating and friendship Site – NZDating Review

Online dating is very popular. It is a great way to meet people like you from around the world.

NZDating, an online dating service provider, follows some basic dating guidelines. It allows members to get to know one another in a secure and safe manner. NZDating began in 1998, and has continued to be a successful service.

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They are known for their privacy and will also keep a record of any reported misuses and make every effort to correct them. With today’s hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to find time for new acquaintances through traditional methods like going out to bars or attending parties.

NZDating is one such site. While it’s primarily geared towards seniors, some people use it to find foreigners. NZDating may be primarily for Kiwis but many Asian women visit the site hoping to find a long-term relationship.

NZDating lets you have fun and be steady. This site isn’t multi-racial, but you won’t be surprised to see it. Anyone can use NZDating regardless of where they are located.

We will be exploring this site more in this article.

Member Architecture

NZDating will only have white people. New Zealand is similar to Australia in that it has one ethnicity. However, everyone is welcome to join the community. This site is for singles as much as it is for attached people.

New Zealand is an open-minded country with a small population. Despite this, the people of New Zealand are very active and love to participate in different dating activities.

You can find singles from all ages on this platform, with many of them either working or graduates. Many single mothers look for second chances in love. This space is for finding milfs, lovely milfs.

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NZDating offers unique features that are different from other dating sites. This site encourages couples to connect. It does not just connect individuals but couples.

All genders are encouraged to visit New Zealand. New Zealand does not discriminate against sexual diversity.


NZDating has become more than just a site to meet New Zealanders. It is now a place where you can make serious commitments, and have sex. You can choose to be part of one of two groups.

NZDating will ask you for your username, as well as personal information. NZDating asks you for your name and personal information. This is a dating site. You can upload adult photos.

NZDating helps you define your ideal partner accurately. It asks you why you want to be part of the community. This is a question that very few websites require. Your profile must be verified via email. This helps to avoid scammers.

It is not safe to use this site by minors. NZDating has emoticons that can be used to create your bio.

NZDating is supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. However, it hasn’t added any categories to allow for other genders and sexual identity. You will see the typical Man or Woman and the usual Couple when you register.

A site note states that you can sign-up using your Gmail/Hotmail account, but nothing about Yahoo. It could work.

Making Contact

NZDating lets you only send messages, add your Favorites to the Buddy List, and allow you to make friends. However, these functions are not available to all members.

This area allows users to post topics. This space is free and can be used for socializing without having to spend money. This website has emoticons. However, this is not a unique function. This feature is common on many platforms.

If you’re interested but it’s difficult for you to show your interest, leave a comment on the photo of the user. NZDating also allows you to create chat areas and invite people. To make it easier, you can choose the name and type of your chat area.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the cam from the website. It only allows you to send messages and smiles. It also allows you to send friend requests to add people to your contact list.

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The Buddy List option mentioned above is only for Gold members.

Mobile Apps

Even though the site does contain pornography, there is an app. NZDating is the app’s name and it is available to Android users. For iPhone smartphone owners, there has not been an online dating application.

The app offers many more functions than the site, making it arguably superior to the site. The camera option allows you to take photos and upload them to your profile. Additionally, your phone can be used to chat through a webcam.

The interface of this app is simpler than the desktop version. The site and app work on all devices. The app should run on any device.

The app can’t allow you to upload adult material if you plan on using it. NZDating does not allow you to upload mature content. To stay on top of the latest news, the app is best for those who are constantly on the go.

NZDating offers a greater range of options to check messages and monitor notifications. If you wish to use cam, it is possible.

Pro & Cons


  • This space is great for learning about Kiwi culture and if you are curious about them.
  • Simple and enjoyable interface. No one has ever criticized its performance.
  • You have the chance to meet people who have a proven track record. Remember that education in New Zealand can be one of the most rewarding.
  • Upload your sexy photos. Simply subscribe to the appropriate category.
  • It opens doors for Aussies to meet.
  • It also offers events.
  • It is considered a private platform as it allows users to navigate anonymously.

  • There are no new features in this app. The same goes for messaging and Hotlist.
  • Although the site is still in existence since 1998, it is difficult to find reviews.
  • This site is rarely visited or the app downloaded by many people because New Zealand has a low population.
  • NZ Dating should have more gender options, as it offers only men, women, and partners.
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Although there are three options, the site’s standard membership appears to be the most comprehensive. NZDating provides free membership, as well two subscription plans: Silver and Gold. You will be kept up to date with all events and have access to your daily horoscope readings.

Instant messaging is a valuable function that is completely free. One problem with the free membership? The limit on the number of photos you can upload. The only problem with the free membership is that you can only upload 2 photos.

Forums and chats can be used for free. Forums offer a way to connect with people and learn about other cultures. NZ is meant to be a place for Kiwis only, but singles from other parts of the world like the Philippines are also very active there.

Silver and Gold plans still have limited pictures. The extra features offered by these plans aren’t convincing. They are not intended to enhance your profile or keep you in touch with other members.

  • $14.95 for a month
  • $27.95 per three-month period
  • $39.95 for 6 Months
  • $59.95 for the full year

Additional Features

NZDating is full of niceties. It is one the few sites that separates local members from foreigners. Named Overseas members are people who aren’t residents of the region, while locals are referred to as differently depending on their type of membership.

NZDating provides badges for users to identify themselves on the site. These badges do not indicate one’s country of origin or membership type. It is also a way for members to spend their time with people who live close by.

You can get horoscope readings from the site and chat for $15 per year. This site is Kiwi, so this is one of its strengths. Mailboxes are organized and separated as on Gmail.

It offers three options to add people to your lists. The first list will contain contacts. These contacts have accepted the friend request. The Buddies and Favorites lists are the same as the second. The Premium community can only access the latter.

NZDating also offers instant messaging and rooms and forums to facilitate communication. These are all free features.