Best Dating Site for Like-Minded Singles Near You – eHarmony Review 2023

How many times have we all heard the clichéd phrase True Love will Find its Way to You” or “Love Is Blind“? But is it true?

eHarmony is an internet dating site that will help you find the best match for you. It may be over for brunches alone.

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Rich History of Internet Dating Sites: How We Found Our Soulmates before the Era of Technology

Since the beginning, people have sought to find their soulmate. It doesn’t matter if you are Adam and Eve or Paris and Helen or Dante and Beatrice. They all fell in love but only twice.

Over the last century, however, methods of finding love have changed dramatically.

In the 1970s, romantic relationships were primarily found through family and friends. However, soon there was opposition to being “fixed up”. People found other ways to meet their partners through eHarmony.

Newspaper ads became increasingly popular for finding a date. Newspapers like “Singles News in New York”, began to feature advertisements for love-seeking women and men.

The 20th century saw a shift in public opinion, with women now seen as more than mothers and wives. Women’s priorities changed from marriage to career, and they began entering relationships that might or may not lead to marriage. Thus, casual dating was born.

Next was the rise of online dating websites and matchmaking services, such as “eHarmony,” which marked a major shift in dating in 21st century. Even though online dating was popularized as far back as the 1960s, it was still a common concept.

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eHarmony Review – Brand Overview

It may be difficult to believe that online dating has replaced the traditional concept of courting. However, it is possible to find your soulmate through these dating apps and websites.

With so many apps and online dating sites, it’s easier than ever to find someone today. However, eHarmony, a site that specializes in putting a ring on your relationship, is the right choice.

eHarmony, an online dating site, matches compatible people based upon personality tests.

eHarmony, which was established in 2000, is based in Los Angeles. It was established by Dr. Neil Clark Warren who is a clinical psychologist, couple’s therapist and has been working in this field for over 35 years with his son.

The algorithm-based matchmaking is what sets eHarmony apart from its competition, such as Tinder and Bumble. It has greatly contributed to its success over the last 20 year.

eHarmony launched in 2000. Since then, it has helped more than 2 million people find true happiness.

The eHarmony dating platform is one of most reliable and trusted for long-lasting, serious relationships.


  • Take the Compatibility Quiz to increase your chances of meeting the right person
  • Daily matches
  • You can get to know someone well before you accept the match.
  • The algorithm finds matches specific to your filters and saves you the time and effort of scanning thousands of profiles.
  • One of the most popular hookup sites, with members looking for long-term relationships

  • Sign-up process takes a while
  • Search options are not available to locate your preferred profiles
  • The free membership does not allow you to view photos from matches.
  • There isn’t a lot of gay and lesbian members, but eHarmony offers a separate dating app.

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What’s the Science Behind eHarmony Dating?

It’s amazing to see how technology has created many opportunities for people with similar interests from all across the US. It’s amazing how many people you didn’t know exist but want the same things you do – this makes it easier for you to find them.

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eHarmony is the only online dating company to employ a scientific approach in matchmaking.

eHarmony’s matching system uses its 32 Dimensions model. This model uses a compatibility matching method to find compatible couples based their features.

It is okay to have some incongruity when trying to build a long-lasting, serious relationship. Although there may be some friction or compromises while looking for a serious partner, problems can occur when these issues rise above a certain level.

It begs the question: What are the issues you are willing to overlook when it comes to your better half?

The conflict could be of major concern to the other party if it is important.

eHarmony’s questionnaire is designed to help you identify the 32 dimensions that make up your compatibility.

These dimensions are divided into 6 sections.

Emotional Temperament

Take into account your emotional state, emotional energy, passion

Social Style

This covers character, kindness, dominance and sociability.

Cognitive mode

Explores intellect, curiosity and humor.

Physical Attributes

Considers physical energy, passion, sexual viability, security, and appearance.

Relationship skills

It examines communication style, emotion control, anger, mood, conflict, and other aspects of communication.

Values and Beliefs

This course covers spirituality and family goals.

Getting Started with eHarmony Reviews

When eHarmony launched, there were approximately 400 questions. It took a member nearly an hour to answer all questions and create a profile.

However, eHarmony has reduced the number questions to just 150 over five years, which helps speed up the creation of profiles.

Although the eHarmony process can be a little lengthy and involved, users love the detailed approach to creating a profile. eHarmony offers more detail than other apps and makes you more invested in it.

Taking The Compatibility Quiz

The popularity of the compatibility test has increased dramatically in eHarmony reviews. This quiz is intended to assess your important areas and it is crucial that you answer as honestly as possible. You will be asked questions like What three things are you thankful for? and What best describes the depth of your religious beliefs or spirituality.

The key to finding your match is what you put in your profile. So take some time to consider what you are writing and don’t just write the first thing that comes to mind. You can change these details at any time, provided your profile is still active.

Selecting Your Preferences

After you have answered the eHarmony questionnaires that best describe your personality, you will be able to choose which people you would like to share it with. eHarmony, a compatibility test that covers around 100 questions, aims to get your views and likes on everything from religion to social life.

eHarmony closely resembles a Myers-Briggs Personality Test. After you have completed the test, it is easy to get started. Simply upload your best headshots, and you can browse eHarmony to find the love of your dreams.

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What’s an eHarmony Profile Like?

Your profile will be designed by potential dates using the detailed questionnaire that you have completed at the beginning. It’s your personality. A virtual version of you. You can only see your match’s profile in eHarmony, and vice versa.

Your eHarmony Profile also includes some basic information, such as your name, age and height. It also contains photos and Q&A. Your compatibility is displayed in various areas, such as romance, emotional intimacy, social values, and other areas.

You will not see your matches’ profiles if you are a member of eHarmony. This feature is only available to premium members.

Member Base for eHarmony

A staggering 15% of Americans (or nearly 50 million Americans) claim that they have used or continue using dating apps or sites like eHarmony to find love. They can be young or old. 27% of young adults use a dating app.

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It is surprising to see that men account for a greater percentage of users on online dating apps than women. According to a survey, eHarmony has over 10,000,000 members with 750,000 paid subscribers. They are constantly and actively seeking a partner.

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eHarmony boasts a membership base that spans over 200 countries. eHarmony gained popularity in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

eHarmony also has a diverse member base, which is ethnically, racially, religiously, and inclusive of individuals of all ages. It is easy to find ethnic-specific dating links such as Asian dating. Christian dating. Hispanic dating. Jewish dating. Senior dating.

General Communications & Sending Messages on eHarmony

Customer feedback can be a powerful and very useful tool. It is also vital as it acts as a guide resource for your product or company. Although most companies offer customer feedback via their website, you’d be surprised at how few actually use it.

eHarmony however is an exception. Their entire communication system has been redesigned based on customer feedback. Guided communication allows you to get to know your person at your own pace.

Either send short questions to your matches, or you can send customized messages directly. This guided communication process allows you to send short questions pre-written for you that get the tough stuff.

eHarmony highlights the unread questions that you have yet to answer by bolding them.

To message a match you have not spoken to before, visit their profile by clicking “Message.”

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The eHarmony app: How does it work?

The eHarmony app allows users to access their information from anywhere, anytime. The eHarmony App is free to download for iOS and Android users.

You might be wondering what the eHarmony app does that is different from the website. All features are available on the site.

The eHarmony dating app is also very easy to navigate. eHarmony doesn’t have any advertisements and no one wants annoying pop-ups every second.

Free Features on eHarmony

All members join eHarmony as a basic member. Fortunately, basic eHarmony memberships include the following features:

  • Unlimited matches
  • Ability to send and read smiles, icebreakers, messages, and other pleasantries
  • Ability to respond to the match’s first message
  • You can browse anonymously
  • View the most recent visitors to you profile

Premium Features from eHarmony

Once you have mastered the basic features of eHarmony, then you can select a premium membership. This is the one you will choose once you see the amazing match pools available on eHarmony.

Premium members will enjoy eHarmony’s features and benefits. You will have access:

  • Unlimited matches
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • You can view all photos of your matches
  • Unlimited communication

The eHarmony premium membership can be purchased in either 6, 12, or 24-month plans.

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What Does eHarmony cost per month?

If you are serious about finding the right partner for your life and are looking for tailored matches, you might want to look into eHarmony memberships.

  • Monthly membership $59.95
  • Three-month membership $89.85 or $29.95/month
  • Six-month membership for $179.50 or $29.90/month
  • 12 month membership at $209.40, or $19.95/month

3 Day Bonus

A free trial is available for those who aren’t ready to sign up to eHarmony but still wish to experience premium membership. Follow the sign-up procedure, complete your profile and choose a subscription plan. You can cancel your subscription at any time. All payments will be refunded.

eHarmony’s prices are subject to change from time to time. The most up-to-date prices can be found on the official eHarmony web site.

Tackling covid-19 with eHarmony

A survey has shown that eHarmony’s weekly memberships rose by 22% in the wake of several lockdown restrictions being placed in different countries.

eHarmony’s product focus, improvisation and willingness to help people avoid face-toface meetings despite the pandemic challenges, has seen new members sign up almost daily.

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The Video Date feature in eHarmony that allows singles and their matches to connect via virtual dates is behind this rise in business.

This integrated feature lets you create a date without the use of a third party platform like skype or zoom meeting. You also don’t have to share sensitive information, such as your email address or contact number.

What is the Video Date Feature of eHarmony?

You must have exchanged at most 3 text messages with your match before you can enjoy this feature.

Then, click on either the video camera icon (on the web browser) or the “+”) sign in to the mobile app via the chat conversation.

Be Concerned about Your Safety How Safe is eHarmony

eHarmony has a dedicated team whose goal it is to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and secure when using their services. Trust and Safety team strives to offer you the most secure and enjoyable experience possible. eHarmony monitors its member pool for any suspicious or inconsistent behavior.

Here are some safety tips from eHarmony:

  • Use eHarmony’s secure messaging platform to stay in touch with your match.
  • Never share financial or private information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or other financial details.
  • Use your best judgement and intuition
  • Public protection for your account
  • Your personal information should be kept safe
  • Before making a deep connection with someone, make sure you do thorough research on the person you are attempting to connect with.

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Q. Q.

eHarmony boasts some impressive statistics. They claim to be responsible for more than 500 weddings per day. The algorithm system is scientifically precise and can help you find the right match.

Q. Q.

eHarmony shares match daily. If you feel like you are receiving fewer matches than you should, change your filter or profile preferences.

Q. Q.

There are many payment options that you have on the eHarmony web site to pay your subscription. Online payments are possible using credit cards and debit cards as well as Paypal.

Q. Q.

All photos are reviewed by eHarmony before they go live on a profile. There are some guidelines you need to follow before uploading photos. Photos that contain nudity or are pornographic or provocative, have a child in them, include personal information, show an illegal or vulgar act, and depict a dead animal are all likely to be rejected.

Q. Q.

You can turn off automatic renewal to cancel your subscription. After that, your subscription will end at the end.

Q. Q.

You can hide your profile as an alternative to deleting the account. It is possible to hide your profile from the service and then take a break.

Q. Q.

You can purchase an eHarmony gift certificate by simply searching the term “eHarmony” in Google.

Q. Q.

If you do not wish to remain connected to a match through eHarmony you can simply hide them. These hidden matches will be accessible to you in the “hidden Matches” tab.

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Conclusion – Is it worth paying for eHarmony

Despite the intense competition in online dating, eHarmony could be the reason you decide to take the first step. eHarmony can be a great option to find a serious partner.

You may be uncertain about your future relationship with the other profile.

eHarmony claims it offers the best customer support of any dating site. Support is available via email 24/7, as well as dedicated phone lines for Saturdays and working hours.

While you might not be able view all user profiles, eHarmony algorithm-based matchmaking allows you to just relax and watch the system do the rest.

You might think it is important to consider what you are looking for in a partner when filling out the questionnaire.

eHarmony is a user friendly dating site that can help you find your true love. But it does have a steep price tag and may not suit your sensibilities as well as other dating sites. eHarmony may not be the best place to meet people for hook-ups.