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Chatiw allows you to chat in adult chatrooms with strangers. It boasts what many consider the best chat rooms in America. Chatting with strangers is easy and requires no registration.

Dating site, which has been in existence since 2009, allows users to meet random people and chat with them. Camchat works almost as well as Chatroulette and offers the same quality of sex as other chat rooms.

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Chatiw has something for you if you enjoy anonymously chatting to strangers via mobile apps and video chat, or taking advantage of the stranger chat’ aspect of the site.

Chatiw can be a great place to meet adult chatters and to find out if you are interested in online dating. Read our review to learn more about the paid and free memberships available, as well as the user-friendliness and pros and cons of Chatiw.

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Our Summary

Chatiw provides basic chat services to users. While it might not be the most enjoyable chat experience, it is simple enough to be rewarding.

This dating platform requires that you put in some effort to make it work. You won’t have the best chance of meeting someone on a dating site that leads to a lasting or serious relationship.

Chatiw is a platform that allows casual flirting, sexting and online chatting. You shouldn’t expect that you will find your soulmate on Chatiw.

The site offers very little in terms of what it has to offer users. Chatiw’s biggest problem is the lack of a verification system. This means that scammers and fake accounts are easy to find.

This can lead to Chatiw’s security being somewhat compromised.

There is no real incentive to upgrade as the free version can be used for chatting and sexting. This is a good thing, since members who are just looking to have fun will not be discouraged from trying it.

Chatiw is a simple adult chat site that offers little in the way of spice. This can be a positive thing, as some people may get what they need from the site.

Sign up is easy and free. You don’t even need an email address.


Premium Membership vs Free Profile

Chatiw is free to use, but VIP members can pay extra to get a better version. These are the differences between these types of membership.

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Join for free

  • Chat rooms for free and personal chats
  • You can search for other users/members of the site
  • Complete your profile by editing and completing it
  • Other users can send pictures and emojis
  • Creation of a profile
  • Block certain users
  • Check out Chat History

Paid Membership

  • No ads
  • No Bot Captcha
  • Reserved Nickname
  • You can send unlimited messages
  • VIP badge on the List
  • Users who are deserving bans will be granted Ban Priority
  • Send numbers, send links
  • Send Unlimited Images
  • VIP Support
  • Access to exclusive features

Types of membership

Chatiw has only two types of memberships: the free membership or the VIP membership. VIP members do not need to enter their information again each time they use the site. Logging in is all that’s required to load the site automatically.

Premium Monthly Plans

Subscription PlanTotal
1 Month$4.95
6 Months$25.95
12 Months$49.95


How to Lower Your Costs

Chatiw offers a free basic membership. This is the best way to save money on chatting sites such as Chatiw. Chatiw shows that the basic membership can provide a lot of value.

We recommend you to take a look around the site before you sign up for VIP membership. You don’t have to upgrade your account. It won’t make you more attractive for dating. However, it will make the site easier to use.

Review of the Membership Structure

You can find anywhere from 1500 to 1700 people online in the United States on an average day.

Chatiw’s Demographics of Love

Chatrooms allow you to meet people of different ages online. There are many younger users that use it for everything from simple chat to hookups.

  • The most common age group is 18-24.
  • About 30% are between 35-50
  • Male users are more common than females, with around 70% of them being male.

Chatiw doesn’t use a verification system to register and there were many fake accounts that promoted other sites.

Review of the Registration Process and Profile Creation

Although it doesn’t look like there is much to the registration process, you will need to provide some information before you can begin chatting. VIP members get extra registration bonuses.

  1. Signing up – After creating a username, you will need to enter your age and sexual preference. Only male and female can be selected, so it’s not possible to select transgender people.
  2. Setting your Location There are two ways to set your location. Either manually choose the country or region you wish people to believe that you are from, OR Chatiw can automatically determine your location.
  3. Chatiw’s GPS: To have Chatiw know your exact location automatically, click the GPS button. Chatiw will need to be able to locate you in order for this feature to work. However, it can be very useful if you’re constantly on the move.
  4. VIP Members If you upgrade to Chatiw VIP membership, your profile information will be kept on the website. You can log in with the old credentials whenever you return to Chatiw’s website without needing to enter it again.
  5. Chatting Chatiw doesn’t allow you to upload any additional information to your profile. This means that you can’t upload a picture or write about yourself. You can start chatting immediately with other members.
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User friendliness review


Chatiw’s registration process is quick and easy. This does not mean that there is a verification system, which could be a problem. This is still very quick and you can join chat rooms right away.


It is very easy to switch between chat rooms and private chats. The website also makes it easy to move around the site quickly.


Even if you are a VIP member, there is not much to look at or share with others.

Chatiw Mobile App

You can access the website via Android, iOS, or tablets. However, you can also download the Chatiw app via Google Play and other stores. The app works exactly the same way as the website. Although the service you get will look a little more professional, it will still be functional.


Registering for the app is as easy as the website. After creating a username, you can access the app by entering your basic information. You don’t have to provide your phone number. After signing up, you can choose if you wish to be a premium member.


The chat service can be used via app just like the website.

Chatiw Chat allows you to contact users

It’s quick and easy to chat with people on this site. You can do it from your computer at home, on your iPhone or anywhere else. Here are the steps:

  • Click on an individual user from the online list.
  • So you can check their profiles, click on their names.
  • Once you have selected your message, enter it in the text box, and click “Send”.


Both the pros and cons

What we like

  • Instant access for all members who log in online
  • Chat system that is simple but functional
  • It’s easy to get started
  • Chatiw users have flexible access via desktop or mobile apps

We don’t like

  • The VIP membership isn’t very generous.
  • The site has few interesting features
  • Fake profiles everywhere
  • It is difficult to find someone trustworthy on the site.


Chatiw is primarily used as a chat service. If you use it for pleasure, it may not be the best choice. Chatiw is a chatting service, so you may have questions. This is especially true if you’re using it for dating.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to make it easy for you to get started.

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How can I send pictures to Chatiw

1. An image icon will appear in the text box that you use to type your message.
2. To open your directory, click on the image icon
3. Select an image and find it
4. Click on “Open”
5. To send your photo, click ‘Send.

How can I send a private message to my friends?

1. You will find a list listing all users currently online on the left side.
2. Click on the member you wish to chat with
3. Enter your message in the box below the chat window
4. If you like, add an image
5. To send your message, click ‘Send.

Can I share a Chatiw link with someone else?

Only VIP members can share links with others. However, you will still see many users sharing links in chat. Some URLs have been modified to make it easier to use.

Chatiw is safe to use?

Chatiw clearly states that the site is designed to protect all users. However, scammers and fraudsters can still use the site to their advantage.
Be careful what you tell strangers in chat rooms. Keep your credit card information private and secure. Your privacy should be kept private. Don’t make your private data public.

What can I do to report someone?

Reporting someone is easy. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Click on the username to the left if you’re not talking with the person you want to report.
2. The ‘Block’, ‘Report’, and ‘Close’ buttons are located in the upper-right. Click on “Report”
3. A list of reasons will be provided for you to choose from to report the user. You will then be unable to chat with them again.
4. Choose the reason you want to report the user
5. Click the button to confirm your report.

How can I delete my data from this site and deactivate it.

Chatiw does not allow you to delete your personal information manually. After a few hours, however, all your data will be automatically deleted from Chatiw.

If I have problems still, who should I call?

Chatiw support can be reached via email at support@chatiw.com, or through their Contact Form if you have any questions about the website.

What can I do to change my country?

Only when you sign up, can your country be set. Chatiw claims that it uses GPS for country location, but this is an optional feature. You can still set it. Once you sign up, you cannot change your location.
Log out of the site if you want to change your location. You can either sign up for a new profile or wait for the site’s deletion. This can take a few hours. The new information will be required and you can then modify your location.

Is it possible to be unbanned?

Unfortunately, no. All bans are for 48 hours. You must stay on the banned list. Chatiw support can be reached through their Contact Form if you feel the ban was placed in error.

Why did Chatiw ban me?

You could have been banned for any number of reasons, from not adhering to the rules when you first chat to another member to offending another member. You should be polite and friendly, and that will make you feel fine.