Swingers Dating Club New Zealand – kiwiswingers.co.nz Review 2023

Kiwi Swingers has everything tourists want to see in New Zealand. Hot, sexy women, fuck-buddies and couples; this site includes everything. Kiwi Swingers lives up its name: a place for Kiwi couples, cuckolds and gays.

Kiwi Swingers became a porn photo-sharing platform that is full of open-minded Kiwis. This site will not assist you in finding something new, a relationship, or someone to help you plan for the future.

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This space is like a virtual New Zealand. It has all the fun of swinger life. Kiwis love swinging, and they enjoy going out hunting for them. This website is the best for Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland residents.

Kiwi Swingers will tell you where to go in NZ and what you can do. This site is not the only one that targets swingers. However, it is the best. RedHotPie has the edge.

Do you want to learn more about Kiwiswingers Continue reading.

Membership Structure of Kiwiswingers

One misconception about Kiwiswingers that people think is true is that it is just for Kiwis. Its membership base consists of 78% New Zealanders. However, it is visited regularly by Australians as well as Asians. This site is also visited by Americans.

Kiwiswingers currently has 150,000 members. This is a significant number considering NZ has 4,000,000 residents. What should you expect of Kiwiswingers? A small virtual capital.

This community is very active. It looks a lot like Badoo and Facebook, but in porn mode. People post amateur videos in which they show themselves masturbating, fingering and having sex. You can find 60-year olds on the site.

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You will also find a wide range of genders. Kiwiswingers is mostly used by gays and swingers. Because of its nature, you will see plenty of gays and other same-sex couples. The majority of members are married. However, love couples often swap.

Sign up Kiwiswingers

This community does not have privacy options. It’s not like Adult Friend Finder which allows you to hide your face and chat anonymously. Everybody who shows up at Kiwi Swingers will be exposed.

The pictures are not visible to anyone outside of the site. The second problem is that although the registration process appears easy at first, it becomes tedious as you fill out the forms. These questions are similar to those on other sites, but they have more.

Sites place emphasis on physical appearance and sexual preferences. To find out more, you will have to fill in additional details. The only piece that is not visible to the public is the birthdate.

However, Facebook registration is not possible. Phone verification is not available. For account authentication, you must send an explanation picture.


Kiwiswingers can be described as a club. It allows members to organize parties and invite their friends to get together. It offers many communication tools that can make communication easier. However, you will need to pay to access the site.

Although the chat function is excellent and has all the same features of a normal chat, it is not completely free. To strike up conversation in the chatroom, you must receive a message from another user. If you receive one message, you can respond to it.

Forums are another way for Kiwi swingers to communicate. There are forums for different niches. You can also use the forum to discuss sex and other topics. This feature does not cost anything.

The site has nearly 600 groups. They work in the same way as forums but are more active. You can link stories and personal experiences to create groups. As an aside, you can invite people to events.

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Apps for Mobile by Kiwiswingers

Kiwi swingers is not an app site. But this shouldn’t cause any concern. The site is responsive on smartphones and the app is not necessary. You should be cautious when entering the domain. It is not co.nz at end, but kiwiswingers.com

Although the site works better, it performs well when one is on its main page. It is slow at first. The Kiwi Swingers desktop version may crash on your smartphone if you are not in New Zealand.

Sign-up and login options are the first things you will see once you log in. Are you new to Kiwi swingers Register for it. Login if you’re not already registered. Kiwi Swingers is not a site that portrays porn, but you should not fall for it. This is a site that’s intended for adults.

The main page appears differently. The desktop version has GIFs. On mobile devices, however, the page is lighter and cleaner. You can choose your gender from the registration form. Members may also post ads.

Pros and Cons of Kiwiswingers


  • It has a simple interface and is easy to use.
  • It encourages gender diversity which makes it a second choice for Kiwis after OkCupid.
  • It is perfect for virtual sexing and sexting.
  • This site is for swingers. Many members are gay, and many are interested in having an intimate relationship with other couples or bi-curious people.
  • Kiwisinwgers has information about Dogging, and where you can do it in NZ.
  • The main page has a streamer’s movie and is attractive. This encourages people to sign in.
  • It is not uncommon for people to be between 18 and 64. Seniors and 18-year olds are available to quench their sexual thirst.

  • Standard members only have certain features.
  • The first contact cannot be made by a free user.
  • The site has only 100,000 members and very few people from other parts of the world.
  • Finding Kiwiswinger reviews can be time-consuming. Reddit is the best site for this.
  • The site doesn’t protect privacy. It is difficult to exercise discretion.
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It can be difficult to check the rates on this site. To verify your account, you will need to take a picture and write down the username and website name. Three plans are available at Kiwiswingers, including Standard, Silver, or Gold.

Each paid plan is divided into four different plans, each for one, three and six months, respectively. This site has rates that are very similar to Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder. Upgrading requires profile verification.

It is not possible to communicate with Kiwiswingers for free. You will need to pay first before you can send a message. Free users can only access chats without a webcam. Streamers cannot be viewed on this site. Premium users have the ability to upload HD photos and video.

This is how price and costs are distributed:


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • Quarterly: $67.95
  • Six monthly: $90.95
  • Yearly: $99.95


  • Monthly: $39.95
  • Quarterly: $89.95
  • 6 monthly: $119.95
  • Yearly: $139.95

Each plan provides discreet billing and data protection. Kiwiswingers claims it is 100% secure.

Additional Features

Kiwiswingers offers unique features that aren’t available on other Kiwi sites. Swinger stories, which feature user-written stories, are one of the special features. Anyone can submit his story.

Kiwiswingers can be described as a small club with many departments. It also provides information about the most popular swinger clubs in NZ. This information is displayed in forums and visible to all members. This site also provides information about local swingers.

Dogging is a common practice in NZ. This involves intercourse with a dog in the street, behind trees, or inside a vehicle. There are many places to dogge in different cities. Users also have the opportunity to share their experiences.

Kiwiswingers has an advanced search tool that allows you to narrow down your search results. You will also find information on lingerie and US swingers.

It is important to clarify that the swingers from the USA reside in NZ and have long lived in the country.