Free Nerd Dating Sites – Best Sex Dating Apps for Nerds, Gamers

Tinder is a great way to meet someone new. You mention that you love Star Trek. You couldn’t be happier when they reply, “I love Baby Yoda!” It doesn’t seem worth explaining that Baby Yoda is not in Star Trek but Star Wars. Either your interests get dismissed as nerdy or the other person doesn’t know what you are talking about. What if we told nerds that there are dating websites for them?

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Is it unreasonable to want to meet someone who shares your interests? You’d be surprised at how many people are on all the dating apps that you’ve tried. These are the last shows you’ll ever see. (Okay, we did watch the Friends reunion and shed some nostalgic tears.

It’s possible to talk about your favorite Death Note episodes or just watch/re-watch your favorite sci-fi films with someone. So you can find your nerd-match, we have compiled a list of the top 11 dating sites for geeks.

11 Best Dating Sites for Geeks, Nerds and Sci-Fi Lovers

We understand that you are tired of trying to pretend to like BTS or making “that’s how she said” jokes in order to impress the The Office fan that you have been texting. You really want to find Amy Farrah Fowler for your Sheldon Cooper. Your Jon Snow to your Ygritte. You need someone who understands anime is not for kids. You are waiting for the right person to join your niche comic book club. This is when you will know that you have found the right person.

Sci-fi lovers are a different kind of person than non-nerds. You’re at home watching reruns while your friends go out for a milkshake. Or you’re both gaming. It’s enough to make you want to find a partner. Your frustration might lead you to wonder if there is a dating app that caters to geeks or intellectuals.

You’ve made the first step towards finding your geeky partner if you have asked this question. What if you find the right person to help you navigate World of Warcraft? You might just find the right person to share this adventure with by using the best dating app for geeks. Check out these dating apps for nerds that we have listed for you.

1. OkCupid: The old reliable

OkCupid encourages people to be their best selves. When you sign up, OkCupid will ask you several questions. The app will then ask you questions about how important they are to you. Based on the answers, you may be awarded a badge such as “nerd” or for a show you love.

Instead of searching through random apps for people who look like nerds you can simply look for the nerd badge in this app. You can now start a conversation directly with your match. There are many scammers and fake profiles, which could lead to a large number of users. Trust your gut instincts and filter out fake profiles.

Verdict: Trustworthy and reliable. 9/10

OkCupid is a wonderful place to meet your geeky partner. It’s easy to find friends with the same interests. Because it matches you with people with similar interests, this huge platform could be called an online dating site. It’s owned and operated by Match Group, which also owns Tinder, Hinge, and Plenty of Fish. The interface is one of the best available.

OKC is a trusted platform that offers a safe and secure experience. The app’s excellent features make it possible to meet nerds for free.

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2. Zoosk: Bye-bye first message jitters

You might find it difficult to start a conversation if you are a geek/nerd. It can be difficult to decide what the first message should look like, even after you have a match. You’re a nerd, so you play your favorite game to forget it. Rinse, repeat.

Zoosk takes away the first message anxiety by automatically sending it to you. The mega flirt feature sends an automatic message to multiple singles, much like speed dating for geeks. You just need to speak to her and impress. Zoosk, however, is a bit more expensive than other geek dating sites.

Verdict: 8/10, but expensive.

It will make your experience a lot easier when you have the task of starting a conversation off your mind. It’s also available in more than 25 languages and more than 80 different countries. This dating site for geeks uses popularity ranking and gamification to increase user interest. If you are someone who cannot focus on a single thing unless it grabs your attention, this site is for you.

Zoosk’s interface is very intuitive and the algorithm personalizes your experience based on your preferences. It’s a great site for geeks and nerds. And it keeps improving as you use it.

Register on geek dating websites to meet your other half. Join geek dating sites to find your geeky half and share your crazy antics

3. Match: The app that wants you to know it

Another dating app that has been around for a long time. Match can be very thorough. To help you find the right match, Match will ask you a lot of questions when you sign up.

It allows you to find your partner based upon the things you enjoy. There’s also a search function that lets you look for others with similar interests. Its best feature can also be its most frustrating, as answering all the questions can feel tedious.

Verdict: You can’t go wrong when you are thorough. 8/10

After you have passed what appears to be an exam, rather than a dating app, the platform will reward you with a platform with few fake profiles and people who are serious about finding the right person for you. This platform is a top-rated online dating site for geeks. You’re sure to have a positive experience.

Why do we say it has been around forever? It was founded in 1993. It seems prehistoric, doesn’t he? It was created a decade after internet invention. They must have been doing it for so many years. It’s no surprise it ranks high on our list of top dating apps for geeks.

4. Kippo: Dating site for gamers and geeks

You can make a dating app that caters to gamers and it will be like a language for geeks. Kippo is a dating app for geeks, and it’s one that gamers love. Kippo is a great way to get to know your potential partner in life. You can call them through Discord, or play together on Steam. Maybe online gaming could lead to your love.

You don’t have to rely solely on in-game chat for flirting (which is also creepy). Kippo allows you to find other people who enjoy the same games you do.

Verdict: A paradise for gamers, but with a few options. 7/10

Kippo’s low download rate is one of its disadvantages. However, it may not have as many users as it would like. There are many positives to this dating site for gamers and geeks. First, it’s possible to find someone who shares your opinion on which console gamers is better than the PC master race.

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It’s worth it, even though there aren’t many people you can meet on this platform. Couples who play together stay together.

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5. Soulgeek: A great dating site for geeks.

Soulgeek is the perfect dating app for geeks. They are the “cyber-home of geek dating.” This website is the most geeky dating site you will ever find. This website seems to be the perfect place for any super-fan. Be careful not to fall in love too quickly when you find your geek partner.

Don’t bother visiting if you don’t care about the thing that you consider yourself a geek about. This website also has a social media-like page that allows people to leave comments and share their favourite stuff. Soulgeek does not yet have an app. This is the biggest problem.

Verdict: While no app is perfect, it’s still a great choice. 7/10

Soulgeek is the perfect dating site for geeks. The website also offers social media features that allow you to interact with others via blogs, music, photos, videos, and even sharing music. It becomes more of a haven for geeks than a dating site.

There’s nothing better than meeting someone on the internet and getting to know them. However, the fact that it’s a website and not an application really takes away some of its appeal.

Stories about datingstory about dating

6. Coffee Meets Bagel: Every day, handpicked matches

Are you tired of endless swiping? Looking for someone to share your passions with? CMB will do the hard work for you. It will display a variety of matches every day based on the way you answered the questions.

Matches are sent to you specifically for geeks. While some may enjoy having the work done and being presented matches, others might prefer to do the work.

Verdict: Effective and non-addictive. 8/10

Geeks are known for their addictive nature. Getting rid of the mindless swipes will reduce the chance that you become addicted to the app. CMB is also said to be extremely effective with many success stories. It’s a good thing, too. It has a sophisticated feel and isn’t encouraged to have a “hookup” culture. This makes it a great dating site for geeks (and all other people).

7. eHarmony: A dating site for scientists

We’re not talking here about Bill Nye’s or Einsteins, but the very picky nerds who are interested in the logic behind everything. If you’re one of those coding-dosing-Linux-using nerds, you’ll appreciate a good algorithm. eHarmony matches you with potential matches based on your 29-dimensions model. Make sure your online dating profile is effective.

They claim to have been responsible for approximately 6,00,000. The algorithm appears to be working well. There’s no need to mess with their math geeks; just trust the process!

Verdict: Success comes with a price. 9/10

eHarmony claims it has one of the largest userbases, and many success stories. However, the premium version might seem expensive. eHarmony’s comprehensive matching features will show you how compatible you are to the people you match with.

Although it may look like a lot of pretty graphics, once you see all the work that goes into finding the right partner for you, you will find yourself enjoying the platform even more. eHarmony is one of the most popular dating sites for geeks because it takes into account all the details that go into each match.

8. For career-oriented geeks, Elite Singles

This one is for career geeks. Elite Singles is full of university graduates looking for serious relationships. This dating site is for geeks and takes matchmaking seriously. It’s a great place to meet people who are looking to settle down.

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These things can get serious. Make sure to avoid making mistakes in virtual dating and make your profile standout. Their website states that 85% of their users are over 30. While they might not be reading comic books, this site is great for career-oriented geeks who are looking for the best dating site.

Verdict: This is a good choice for serious nerds who are looking to make a commitment. 7/10

Apart from other software engineers, no one truly understands the work of a software engineer. Someone who has been there is more likely to understand the struggles of dedicated workers. Your match will not be annoyed if you are busy and don’t respond for a few days. They will probably understand that your busy preparations for the meeting were not a problem.

Elite Singles may be the right dating site for intellectuals if you have ever wondered this question. Meet your partner who may be in the same field you are.

Meet someone who is in your field through geek dating sites. Find someone in your field through geek dating websites. Are you looking to meet someone for work? Elite Singles is a site for professionals who are looking for a partner.

9. Tastebuds: Hit the G…string

This one is for music geeks. Have you ever asked someone what kind of music they listen too and they replied, “I listen all kinds of music.”? It’s boring, isn’t it? How do you reply to that question?

Tastebuds links your Spotify account to your profile, and allows you to find people who share your interests in the same music. You won’t have to think about what to do with your partner when you can just listen to music and chill with them. Tastebuds is currently only available for iOS, and the website could use some improvement.

Verdict: This is a great music lover’s choice, but it lacks reliability. 7/10

Although the app has a great idea, it is not perfect in execution. It isn’t yet available for Android and has a few bugs, lacks updates, and isn’t always up-to-date. It’s worth the effort to find a country music fan in a world filled with pop fans.

10. Dating for Muggles: Potterheads Unite

If the name does not tell you what it is about, then this site may not be for you. This site is for geeks who grew-up with Harry Potter movies, books, and can connect with other Potterheads (and invite them to the Yule Ball!). This site isn’t just for Potterheads.

Verdict: This is a good book for Harry Potter fans. 7/10

You can also search for other interests on the dating site. The user base is small. This site features the best niche marketing strategies of all geek dating sites. It’s not surprising that you won’t meet too many people here, but it’s still an excellent way to find HP lovers.

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11. Geeky Friends Date: A completely free dating site for geeks

Their website is 100% free and focuses on providing free dating services for geeks. Signing up for this dating site is easy and you can chat with geeks all over the globe.

Verdict: Although it appears outdated, this product has a global reach. 6/10

This site is not the most up-to-date, but it does contain a lot of geeks that you can talk to. This dating site for geeks is a great place to meet people from all over the globe.

You can find a lot of interesting people on the subreddit dedicated to your obsession, but it won’t lead you to a date. These dating sites are for geeks might be the right place to find your 3.14. (Get it? 3.14? 3.14?