HER Adult Dating App Review – Lesbians LGBTQ Dating App

Today, I have something special for you in store – the HER Dating App review. While I don’t always write such detailed reviews because they aren’t usually aimed at a wider audience, it is my job to review dating apps.

Without further ado let’s find out what HER is all of.

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  • Who is it for/Demographic Makeup
  • Effectiveness
  • Key Features
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Pricing
  • Conclusion, Overall Rating and TA based on HER Dating App Review
  • Frequently Asked Question

Video Review

HER Dating app Review [Free meet & talk for LGBTQ]

Audio (podcast) form is for those of us who are always on the move


  • Effectiveness 4/5
  • Features 5/5
  • Ease-of-Use 5/5
  • Price 5/5


  • Unlimited and unrestricted messages
  • There are many LGBTQ+ preferences
  • Simple sign up via Facebook and Instagram
  • App hosts regular events
  • All profiles are verified


  • You can only message your friends and matches
  • There is no search option
  • Matches based on the location only
  • It isn’t the most user-friendly interface.

Who is it for/Demographic Makeup

HER is a only lesbian dating site. It’s expected that the app will only be used by women and no males.

The app can only verify female Instagram and Facebook profiles, so it’s very hard to fool it.

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The app is used by over 4,000,000 people, which is quite high for a lesbian-only app.

With so many users, it is safe to say that the HER dating website is one of most popular queer woman apps.

HER is unique because, even though lesbians are the primary LGBTQ+ group it targets, you can also sign up for other LGBT+ groups. You can also choose your sex identity at registration.

While there isn’t a definitive number that shows the true age of all HER users, over half are between 20- and 30.

It shouldn’t surprise that millennials are more keen to use a lesbian-only dating website because they’re more open about LGBT rights and peoples’ differences.

The site seems to be primarily for long-term relationships, although casual hook-ups or online friendships are common reasons that many users use it.

HER acts as a safe space for like-minded women to express their feelings and search for love.

So, who is HER for then?

HER is a data-driven website that targets straight, lesbian, and bisexual women who are looking for like-minded women to start dating.

HER helps to strengthen the LGBTQ+ community by offering a wide range of events.

We now know who uses the app, so let’s look at how it works and if it is effective in connecting lesbian women.


HER is a great app for lesbians to meet women that share your sexual orientation.

While it might not be the easiest app to use, the interface is not very intuitive. But, because there are so many active members and lots of cool features, you’re sure to find at most a few dates.

Additionally, there aren’t any indications of fake profiles on the app.

The developers are working hard so that scammers, bots, and catfishes don’t get in the way of users.

It’s a modern dating app so you know that there’s some swipe involved. This is how you begin to interact with other members.

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Like Tinder, swipe right to members you’re interested or swipe left for those you aren’t.

When they swipe you back it’s a match. Then you can chat.

If they accept your friend request, you can also add them to your “Friends list” and begin chatting with them.

One of the new features is a feed. This shows you what friends and members have posted on their profiles. You can comment or post content.

This part of the app is a little like social media. However, it can still be used to engage other members.

The app also hosts events which are a great way for you to meet people in real-life. There are often festivals and cocktails that you can attend.

Chat is the most important of all dating apps. This is because asking for a date is the best way you can get to know someone.

It’s amazing that HER offers unlimited free messages and you can send photos in chat. This makes communication easy.

I think HER does a great job in keeping profile quality simple and discrete.

The profiles don’t have a lot of details, they only contain the basics like age and orientation.

You can definitely compare this to Tinder’s interface. It’s very similar, but also quite straight to the point.

It’s important to make a good impression on your first member by posting great photos and having a fascinating bio.

So how effective is HER at getting lesbians on dates?

It’s clear that it’s a very specific dating app. People know exactly what they are looking for, and so, they tend to find like-minded people through the app.

This being said, I think HER is a fantastic app if your goal is to meet a lesbian or bisexual woman.

Let’s take a look at the features, and then see how HER functions.

Key Features

The HER lesbian dating site has a few features but they are very direct. They want people to get to know one another.

It’s not possible to rely only on features to get a date. But they do help in making contact. Let’s find out about HER.

1. Meet

The Meet feature is the most popular in HER dating app reviews.

If you’re comfortable using dating apps for swiping, then this feature will make it easy to find your matches.

There will be profiles that match your preferences and whereabouts. You can choose to swipe right or to leave to skip these profiles.

Once you find the right person, you can begin chatting with them and perhaps move on to other topics.

But, it’s not the only way to have a conversation.

2. Friends

Yes, you can add people as friends to start a discussion.

You can access the profile of a person you’ve met through “Meet” and “Feed” and send a friend request.

If they agree to your request, you can begin chatting. It’s kind of like being matched with someone.

You can also invite your friends from the app to events and make new connections.

This feature makes HER feel more social than Facebook, and it adds the feed to the mix, making HER a bit like Facebook for lesbian girls.

It makes it easier to communicate with people and makes it more fun.

3. Feed

It is almost like Facebook for the HER dating app, as it works exactly the same way.

You’ll be able to see the feeds of your friends and members you have matched with. You can also view other members near you.

The feed can also be used as a news reporter, because HER regularly announces what’s happening within the LGBTQ+ community.

This feature is great for all-lesbian dating apps as it keeps the community up to date with the latest news.

Two feeds are available:

  • Local – Find members near you and your friends.
  • Global – You will see members from all around the world
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You can also make your own posts by sharing a link, posting a picture or a video on your wall.

Active participation on the feed will bring more members to your profile, and you’ll receive more interactions.

A Platinum subscription will allow you to boost your profile up to once per month, so your profile is visible by more people on your main feed page.

Overall, the feed is a great way for members to interact without having to match.

You can also scroll through the feed to keep yourself busy while you wait for your swipes.

4. Events

The HER app is often a suggested host or organizer of events like cocktail parties, LGBTQ+ festivals and cookouts.

All events around the globe can be found in the “Events Section”.

Once you’ve made the decision to attend an event you can book tickets or invite friends.

You can also see who’s attending the event and share it with your friends on social media.

Overall, the tickets are not that expensive. Some even include food and beverages so you won’t leave empty-handed. But, you might be left with a lesbian woman who is beautiful.

5. Profile Boost

You can boost your profile for up to 24 hours per month when you have a premium account. Also, your profile will be the first people to see in the Feed section as well as in Meet.

This feature is great if your goal is to draw more attention to you profile and increase the number of matches and interaction with other members.

These features are exactly what the app needs, and they will certainly help you get more interactions with other users.

Although you will have to pay a little extra to get the full experience, most of them are well worth it.


Let’s now see how to use the HER app.

The sign up process isn’t the most straightforward in the world.

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Register for HER with your Instagram or Facebook account.

After scanning your photos, the server will confirm that you are a female. Once this is confirmed, you can proceed with your registration.

While you don’t have the obligation to verify your account by e-mail, it is mandatory.

Your photos, first name, birthday, and other details will be taken out of your profile, and then transferred into your HER Profile.

While you won’t have the ability to change your name and age, you can still change your profile photo or upload new photos.

Once you have completed this, you can begin creating your account.

After you have successfully registered to HER, the app will open for you and you can explore it.

The main menu is called “Meet”, and you can view profiles and like them. You also have the sections below.

The interface is easy to use, and should not take more than a few moments to understand.

It shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve ever used dating apps in the past.

HER does not offer a desktop version of the app. However, it is constantly updated and the developers strive to give the best possible user experience.

The interface can change frequently, so you will need to adjust to it.

You can be sure that the HER dating app will be a lot of fun because it is both easy to use and fun.


Yes, HER is completely free and you have unlimited messaging. But if you’d like to enjoy more features on the app, you can subscribe.

There are two subscription plans available: Gold and Platinum.

The Gold subscription works as a starter pack, while the platinum one offers some great features that will make it easier for members to connect with each other.

The Gold subscription prices start at:

  • $9.99 for 1 Month
  • $44.99 for 6 Months
  • $59.99 for 12 month

The Platinum subscription price is:

  • $14.99 for 1 Month
  • $59.99 for 6 month
  • $89.99 for 12 month
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You get the following features with a Gold subscription:

  • There is no need to advertise on the app
  • Premium filters to help you find your members
  • You’ll be in a position to see which people liked you
  • You can always change your location.
  • Incognito mode – No one will notice that you’re using this app
  • Rewinding profiles – you can reverse your left swipes

Platinum subscribers receive the following:

  • All the above
  • Unlimited swipes
  • View online members now
  • Check out the chat to see receipts
  • 1 Monthly Free Profile Boost

As you can see it is worth paying for subscriptions, even though the app itself is completely free.

One thing I’d like to add is that a lifetime subscription should be available. This is because specific apps need more users. A one-time subscription will attract more attention.

You get a lot of features if you go Premium or Gold. Also, the price isn’t that high compared to other dating apps.

Conclusion, Overall Rating and CTA based upon HER Dating App Review

That’s all for this HER dating apps review.

I believe this app is the best for lesbians because it’s free. It also has all the features you need.

Everything being considered, I give the app 5/5.

Although there are many areas for improvement (e.g., a desktop app, more frequent events and unlimited swiping), HER is a great dating app for lesbians.

What do you think about this?

Is HER the best app for lesbian dating?

You might be tempted to give it a try.

Comment or share your success story below.

Please share this article and help other people to find this dating app.

Frequently Asked Question


Is she safe?

Signing up is easy because you use your Instagram and Facebook accounts. HER is safe.

To use the app, you must be at least 18 and the system will verify that before it allows you to create your profile.

Is she Free?

While HER is free, you can message, like and match other members. However, as with all dating apps special features are charged.

Is HER Legit?

HER is not only safe but also trustworthy as the developers make every effort to make the user’s experience as enjoyable as possible.

Many dating websites for lesbians are scams, but HER tries its best to maintain its legitimacy.

About Her

HER was formerly called Dattch. It was released back in 2013, to bring lesbians together.

The app’s name was officially changed to HER by the developers in 2018.

The app is used by approximately 4 million people and is available on both Android and iOS.


How do I Join HER?

It is very easy to sign up.

Logging in to HER with your Facebook account or Instagram account is the easiest way to join. The process should take less than 10 minutes.

How do I Cancel HER?

You have the right to cancel your HER premium subscription at anytime.

Go to your profile and click on “Settings” to cancel your premium subscription.

Scroll down to the settings menu until you see “Manage”.

Subscription”, and you’ll find an option that says “Cancel Premium Subscription”. Click on that and you’re done.

Your premium subscription is valid until the end the month following your subscription.

How can I delete her?

You can delete your HER Account by going to your profile and selecting “Settings”.

The button “Support” will appear. Once you tap on it you’ll see “Close Account”.

You can delete your account at any time.

Contact her!

You can email support@weareher.com to ask any questions.


How Does the HER Algorithm Works?

HER’s algorithm uses your current geo-location to determine if you are able match with people near your city.

Because there are so many choices, you will mainly be receiving match suggestions that reflect your preferences.

How can I block people using HER?

You can block members on HER by going to their profile, and clicking the three dots icon next their profile photo.

There will be a button that says “Block user” which allows you to block anyone from viewing your profile or sending you messages.

What can I do to report people on HER

Reporting someone is the same as blocking them.

You’ll see the “Report” button when you click on the 3 dots.

You can choose one of the reasons you wish to report users. App support will examine the matter and may remove the user or limit them.