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If you are already introverted, moving to a different city or starting a new job can be extremely depressing. What should you do? Sit down at the bar alone. Chat with strangers?

The lightbulb moment struck: you can make friends online! There are a lot of legit websites where you can find adult friends in your region, and online dating is so successful. Hmm, sounds like the right ballpark.

Free Adult Dating Sites and Sex Hookup Apps

  1. Adult Friend Finder (Sex Dating Site)
  3. Out Personals (Gay Dating)
  4. Ashley Madison ( Married Hookup and Affair Dating )
  5. Passion
  6. No String Attached
  7. Cams (Adult Chatting Online)
  8. Horny Wife (Meet Women)
  9. Swap Finder
  10. EZ Dating

While on your lunch break at the office, you hit the URL. The next thing you know you are closing the tab in a panic and hoping no one walks behind you.Credit: Adultfriendfinder

Our point: AdultFriendFinder is not like it sounds.

Friends with benefits and no hint of subtlety

AdultFriendFinder can be found at the top of the page, as you can see by the obvious words. (That photo is actually of a video recording of a woman talking. You may need to muffle your computer or use headphones before clicking.

AdultFriendFinder is one the most popular sites for meeting new people, hooking up regularly, and anything else that has to do with sex. You will love the raucous feed with matches and lots of photos. There are also stimulating calls to action offering all kinds of sex.

Even if it’s not for real sex you can always keep spank bank material handy. The coronavirus led to social distancing rules. Since social distancing began at home, the number of sexting, nudes, as well as Pornhub searches, has increased. AdultFriendFinder will help you find someone as down-to-earth as you are if you don’t want or can’t risk quarantine sex. It’s possible to chat via video, messaging or live streaming (and possibly even plan to have it on IRL), join niche group chats or watch live streams. Is it worth $20-$20 per monthly? It depends on how much fishy content and how juicy you are willing to ignore for a sexy session.

Kalyn Sanders is a business development executive at Friend Finder Networks. We asked her for the most current AFF demographics. AdultFriendFinder ranks right up with Tinder’s monthly flock. The site receives an average of 55 million unique visitors each month. (To whet the appetite, the main landingpage flashes statistics like “103,001.735 active members”, but we don’t know what that means. Traffic to the site comes mainly from the United States. The United Kingdom and Canada are next. SimilarWeb ranks this site among the top 160 websites in the U.S.

It can be difficult for people to determine the gender ratio, which is the most important demographic. Sanders stated that single men are more likely to be single than couples and single women. This is a common pattern for many hookup-centric sites. The site is a paradise for straight men. It’s hit-or miss for straight women. And it’s likely a hellscape for queer woman.

This site is all about sexuality.

AdultFriendFinder will allow you to instantly communicate with others if you’re tired of being asked questions about relationships and the slow-paced pace on traditional dating sites like Match or eharmony. Registering is quick and easy. You only need an email address, a username and password. Even if you do not add any details, your notifications will begin to pour in.This is an actual screenshot from AdultFriendFinder. Credit to Adultfriendfinder

It was like a 20 question game, but with sex.

You can personalize your account in a variety of ways after registering (far more than you would expect on a hookup site). More information will make your profile more appealing to new users. You will need to answer basic questions about your eye and hair color. I chose the cup size option because I was a woman. (If you identify as male, I’m certain you will guess what question they are asking.

Many self-proclaimed hookup lovers will admit they still want to have a drink with someone they like, particularly if they intend to see that person many times. AFF calculates a compatibility score between you and each user. It is based on the way you answered questions about your personality, how dominant you are, and other factors.

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One of the most funny forms was the “Purity Test”, which consisted of 100 hilariously awkward questions about your willingness to go sexually. It was like a 20 question game between middle school crushes, where neither one of you knows how to flirt. You should note that this information is just for your personal use. Other than basic information on physical appearances, there is no match strategy.

Find a match

AdultFriendFinder works in the same way as traditional dating sites. You’ll get a list of possible matches and can see who’s nearby. These matches will be randomly generated right after you sign-up, but you have the option to change your preferences to refine results. You can select your preferred gender(s), location and mile radius and race, sexual orientation, type of body, marital status, and gender.

you barely will have to scroll before realizing that there is plenty of nudity. Depending on whether your preference is for women or men, you will see all that nudity in action. It’ll be there.


AdultFriendFinder acts a lot like a PornHub. You can interact with other members. While we probably won’t have to tell you, AdultFriendFinder can be used while children are present. While some videos may be blurred out, and the text will read “Naughty Video” until you upgrade, I can assure you that you will still see a lot even with the free version.

The message section works in the same way as a Gmail account. You can mark items as important or read, just as you would with an email. Although you will receive some crude messages immediately (some Tinder creeps do the exact same thing), others will be friendly.

It’s not always bad

There are a lot of resources available to make your experience more enjoyable once you get past the infuriating sex of naked profiles, AIM-era profile names and explicit video. Some may be costly even without a paid subscription. That’s kinda dumb.

Apart from the NSFW content the website is quite simple (although ugly). Each feature is prominently advertised, notifications are clearly labeled, and there’s no need to click around to find what you want. This makes it easy for everyone, even those not tech-savvy. Although buttons are scattered all over the site, you will eventually figure it out by playing around for a while.

Activities include direct messaging, sending virtual presents, watching live video of people, joining adult chat groups that can get very niche, and entering photo contests.

AdultFriendFinder works like a PornHub, where you can interact with others.

AdultFriendFinder can be described as New York City’s version of New York City. People who work the normal 9-5, the night shift and other time zones will all be found on AdultFriendFinder. This makes it nearly impossible to log onto the site without finding someone to chat to. It’s like that booty contact who’s always awake when your text them.

Or at the very least, used 10 years ago. Reddit users have become averse to what was once a very popular dating site. In the rare instances when AFF is being discussed, it is one of the most hated sites. Reddit’s community is open-minded and diverse. Anyone who has ever used a dating site will have an opinion. It is notable that AdultFriendFinder, a site that has made online dating so important, has been largely ignored since the early 2010s. AFF often gets pulled for sketchy pricing or being ridden by bots when innocent people ask if it is legit.

Paid memberships offer the best of both worlds.

It’s possible to do some exploring for free: There is limited messaging and emailing, you can visit and like most profiles, join chat rooms, and you can also send emails. AdultFriendFinder’s clicks can take you far down the rabbit hole. However, a paid membership (called Gold) or points can unlock some of the more interesting hidden content.

AdultFriendFinder’s non-monetary currency is the point. You will need to earn points on-site to unlock the exclusive stuff for paid members. It’s a bit like a game where points act like strip club dollars.

A Gold membership is the most common for guys looking to meet girls. Reddit was a great resource for finding women who say they won’t be able to meet men unless they are Gold members. A Gold membership adds credibility to someone’s profile, and makes the encounter feel more secure. It is easier to believe someone is real if they are a paying, active member. You might also notice that a profile or photo may look 10 years old. Older members have tons of profiles that are not active and non-paying.

Paying a membership fee is a good option if you are spending more time on the site. Paying a fee means that you are essentially royalty on the site. You can use advanced search options, access private photo albums and view video profiles. It is a rule of thumb that more participation and payment on your part generally means more success on this website. Your constant activity and improved search-ability make it much easier for other people to find you.

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Although prices for Gold memberships can fluctuate, they tend to be cheaper the longer you have them. For example, one month for $39.95; three months for $26.95 a month; twelve months for $19.95 a month.

For: Open-mindedpeople who are looking to get rid of steam

AdultFriendFinder is for people who are looking to bang without strings attached, people in a sex rut, people tired of porn and people who find sites such as Eharmony boring. It can be hard to get to know someone for weeks without meeting up. It’s going get kinky, which is great for those who need to let off steam and are looking for someone who can respond well to a brusque and sexy message.Via Giphy

This site is so full of people that you feel like they are worshipped. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of people who are eager to communicate with you. Once you meet your first real suitor, your heart will start to flutter. Even if your profile isn’t read very often, you’ll discover which flirty comments and opening lines work. However, since this site is for casual encounters only and not serious relationships the rejection issue is not nearly as prevalent.

Catfishing is big on dating sites. You have a better chance of being pursued if you have lots of photos (AKA you), videos, as well as a genuine profile that makes it clear you aren’t dealing with someone shady. AdultFriendFinder is the best place to come clean about your past experiences with online dating.

Bad for: People seeking a real relationship with a woke community

Are you familiar with the warnings posted at thrill rides in amusement parks that warn people who have heart or dizziness problems from not riding on them? AdultFriendFinder could benefit from something similar. This site is not for the weak of heart. Similarly, if you appreciate a well-crafted, aesthetically-pleasing website that feels safe — no matter how badly you want to have sex — one glance of the landing page likely signaled that it’s not for you.

AFF allows you to identify yourself and search for a woman, man, couple or “TS/TV/TG.” These abbreviations can only be understood to refer to extremely offensive and tone-deaf terms regarding the trans community. Terms that no reputable dating site should use. AFF must learn the meaning of pronouns unless it is okay with excluding all LGBTQ users and those who care about them.

AdultFriendFinder doesn’t have the best reputation if you are looking to make friends. The site is full of sexy advertisements, and you need to pay attention.

As illustrated by the recent flood of artsy activism guides on Instagram, it’s clear what content appeals to young people on the internet: Something aesthetically-pleasing, sharable, and digestible. While the “sharable” part of online dating doesn’t apply completely, OkCupid and Hinge both closely follow this design trend. They keep tabs short and avoid endless scrolling while avoiding unnecessary words and ads.

Pure, for instance, is a modern, free-of-strings hookup app. It appeals to the horny side of your body with one, funny statement about sex, rather than bombarding it with boobs. claims. AFF’s chaotic approach is too much like Omegle for anyone older than a young millennial.

AFF could do even more to make people consider it serious

The whole website is like an advertisement about hot MILFs popping up when you illegally stream a movie. Seriously, it’s bad. The website may be technically legitimate, but the pictures, word choices and exclamation points make it look like a scam. AdultFriendFinder says that “98,897765 Hot Pictures” is not a good way to get new users to trust you.

We don’t offer a quick hookup. This is not about morals. You will have your genitals in your face as soon as you sign up for an account. That’s not cute. There are many ways to insinuate that this website is a hookup site , without feeling like you’re stuck in a sexual dungeon with strangers.

It’s so bad that it invites five viruses to your computer. This includes horrible graphics that look like Microsoft Paint, and photos of women who appear to have been taken from Pornhub in 2007. AdultFriendFinder was then officially sold and rebranded. Reddit user Snoo53279 summarised it in a July 2020 post: “The people who are on AFF may be real, but there’s a lot more bots than that so it can be difficult to use. To make them less threatening, they could be bots masquerading as men.

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There are two reasons why the parade of women on this landing page is suspect. This shouldn’t be necessary to clarify, but not everyone is searching for a female. Advertising is not inclusive at the very least. But this crosses into fetishization territory. The best part? According to the disclaimer at its bottom, the women shown in the photos probably aren’t members of the site.

AdultFriendFinder’s outdated look is not only an aesthetic problem, but it can also be problematic. It’s almost impossible to forgive the “TS/TV/TGs” part of sign up. We would be horrified to see some of what AFF users freely spew. Without even a bit of social awareness, it’s hard for anyone not straight-cis to feel at ease on this site.

The poor design may make it difficult to navigate. Site accessibility is difficult due to three major issues: The site looks suspicious, there are spam accounts and bots in large numbers, and the interface is outdated and full of bugs.

Reddit users also mention that the desktop version of Reddit’s web site doesn’t load at random times. This can be frustrating for people who want a free membership or to stop their monthly payments. You can clear your cache and use the app to fix the laggy web page, but it won’t make your experience any better. AFF’s mobile website doesn’t include an Android app. The link to the iPhone App Store brings up a pop-up that says “not available”. A site with over 50,000,000 visitors per month claims that it is accessible to all users via a smartphone app.

In 2016, a hacker discovered that around 412,000,000 accounts were being “deleted”. If you think this is reason enough to use Tinder to find a friend with benefits we are not surprised. Registering with a burner account and not using your real name to be your username is a smart move (just add 69 to the end of IDK) but credit card information can make it difficult to keep your personal data private.

AFF was in a lawsuit against the FTC in 2007 regarding allegations that the site used malware for explicit pop-up advertisements to computer owners who had not signed up for the service. Although we haven’t seen such reports recently, we believe those ads are only for people who actually use this site.

There are other options

AdultFriendFinder seems more legitimate than other sites, which is surprising considering its size. AdultFriendFinder, unlike other hookup sites with names like or will not show up in your Google search results. While most have the same idea of finding sexual partners and having cybersex, many have names like those that make it hard to believe they are authentic. AdultFriendFinder is a more popular site and has earned credibility in a Tinder-saturated marketplace where other friskier, blunt competitors might have difficulty gaining trust.

No matter your mood , your hungry eyes may not see beyond AFF’s horrendous interface. Pure was already mentioned. The aesthetically-pleasing, hella-millennial UX design is simply more palatable than AFF and the blueprint of what a modern hookup app should be. It’s a Snapchat for sex. Your uploaded selfies and personal info will be destroyed every 60 minutes. The app will send you a hookup request for Uber to anyone who’s nearby and available to rumble. From there, you can choose the information that you wish to share.

Remember when we said AdultFriendFinder was a nightmare for queer females? Feeld is an inclusive, very 20201 app that caters to singles and married people looking for threesomes, foursomes or whatever number of people they want. It’s free and doesn’t have the same problems as traditional hookup apps.

Final verdict

AdultFriendFinder is a low-pressure way to find a friends-with-benefits situation without insulting anyone. All people are there for the exact same reason. Although it might feel strange if you have only used Tinder to look into this kind of thing, AFF’s straightforward advertising means that you don’t need to say you’re not looking to get married. It’s well-populated and niche-friendly. You can also indulge your primal instincts with a lot of interactive outlets.

This freedom comes with a price. It’s feeling like someone who fell for the free Pornhub videos that appear before them. AdultFriendFinder doesn’t make sex sites look shady. They just show you explicit photos from people who may not be real and ask you to pay for a subscription. Unfortunately, no matter how in the mood you are, some people aren’t cut out for the nothing-left-to-the-imagination approach with grammar mistakes all over the place. The sign-up process for the trans community is not sex-positive.

In 2021, safety and functionality on the site and mobile app are not where they should be. AdultFriendFinder could be useful to connect with people who are open to sharing your interests and find hookups that don’t require attachments.

AdultFriendFinder is available to those who are feeling brave. Don’t do this at work.